Thursday, February 28, 2013

so much learning!

I said I wasn't going to post every day, and I want to keep true to that promise... so tomorrow, no posts for you!  I couldn't help myself today, though.  Today was like a real-life version of an episode of the Magic Schoolbus (I know you remember Ms. Frizzle).  It was like the animated teacher and her little chameleon friend had cleverly hidden little science facts around every corner, making me considerably more knowledgeable with even a simple trip to the bathroom!

Some of what I learned today:

 - Evidently, scientists have been making leaps and bounds in ALS (i.e. Lou Gehrig's disease) research.  Said scientists have recently announced that they've uncovered a gene mutation responsible for familial (inherited) and some sporadic (non-inherited) cases of the disease, a discovery so exciting that it has rock-star PIs (principle investigators, i.e. head honchos in the lab) stopping minion research technicians like myself to share the news (victorious fist pump included).  If you're interested in the gene, it's called C9ORF72.  If you're really interested in the gene, read about it yourself here.  Yay science!

 - According to my cycling instructor, after one session of HIIT (high-intensity interval training, such as having a boot-camp, body building cycle instructor quite violently push you to PEDAL FASTER for 45 minutes), your fat metabolism increases by 300% for the next 48 hours.  Don't know where she gets her numbers, but I'll take it.

 - Speaking of fat, I learned another little factoid while reading Allure on the elliptical:

which was not at all pleasing to me or my friend in the back.

 - Finally (and this isn't exactly science) but thanks to my lovely boyfriend, I learned that my preoccupation with koala bears isn't at all weird.  In fact, it could have made me famous (if I had ever decided to go public with my infatuation):

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Now, don't you feel smart?

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