Thursday, March 14, 2013

24 hours are a lot shorter in Chicago

I've given up trying to write a long post.  I have 2 saved right now that have all the potential for being witty additions to my young new blog.  But then I get busy doing things like... job.  Which right now is mainly reading massive amounts of material, and taking tests on said masses.

...figuring out how people commute in Chicago.  What I've learned so far?  Regardless of how you get there, there are some rules.  One being you don't wear your dress shoes.  Take for example this city novice:

Note the lack of boots (you can't see very well, but I am actually wearing heels).  Obvious mistake of a rookie, one which she will pay for dearly (12 hours and 2 bus rides later) with swollen, painful blisters, feet flirting dangerously with frostbite, and wet pant hems.

Now observe Chicago-commuting expert:

Note the boots.  This cosmopolitan commuter knows what's up.  No more wet pant hems and blue toes for this suave lady.

... and battling the elements.

OK, this one actually isn't so bad (as seen here, the "elements" so far have really only been a few showers and a light dusting of snow).

Regardless, this week has been hectic to say the least.  And I mean hectic as in "still only have 2 apples, half a container of yogurt, and bottled water in the fridge, clothes still in duffle bag" hectic.

I really just wanted to post something to assure you that I am still alive and that I do plan on writing more... just let me hang up some curtains first!

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