Sunday, March 24, 2013

Did that week really happen?

Yup, go ahead and scorn me.  If you only embrace dedicated, consistent bloggers... go ahead and shun me.  I deserve it.

A whole week and I didn't write a thing.  Blogging evidently isn't going to be as easy as I thought.  In case you were wondering, though, the reason behind my lack of updates isn't that nothing happened.  Because, oh, things happened.

So many things happened that again, I think it will be easiest and least painful for everyone involved (well, everyone being me) to describe this week's happenings using pictures:

1.  My stuff finally came in.  Which was great in some ways; after 4 days of wearing the same workout pants (please don't judge my life of near poverty), I was finally able to smell decent... for the first 10 minutes of my workout.  And I finally had my big coat!

But it also sort of sucked.  Although having my stuff was great, having my stuff piled in the middle of my previously empty albeit tidy apartment was a bit uncomfortable for someone with slight OCD.

This goes to show you, though, how incredibly busy and tiring these move-in weeks have been: although the neat-freak, internal cat lady in me was not at all pleased, I lived in this haphazard state all week.  In the mornings, I would hurdle my boxes of pillows and flipflops to the bathroom.  Then I'd head-first leap over my tub of pots and pans into the kitchen to make oatmeal.

It was a difficult time, which I will not speak of anymore.  This leads me to bullet 2 of what I did this week.

2.  I organized the crap out of my crap.  I mean, I was a woman on a mission.  And this mission was one of such mammoth proportions, that really I think all the excuse I need for not posting can end right here.  In a matter of 48 short (by which I mean long, overwhelming, and exhausting) hours, my apartment went from (above) to:

With all my stuff organized into various cabinets, boxes, and hangers.

This actually took quite a bit of creativity on my part, and I won't deny that some of my clothes are now folded up in moving boxes refurbished in to makeshift drawers.  But you do what you have to in times like these.

Again, I really don't think I need to explain any more about what has kept me away from the computer.  I will, though, point out that my week was not only an organizational orgy.  I also continued my obligatory "new city" exploration.  The best finds this week?

A really delicious restaurant that I only went into because the one I wanted to eat at closed early, and my ears were cold.  It's called Mista; everything is evidently organic (which doesn't mean much to me) but healthy, fresh, and yummy to my tummy (which is of utmost importance on my priorities list).

And I also found a used book store, crammed with pretty much every book you could possibly imagine for pretty much nothing.  Add unlimited tea and sushi, and anti-calorie carrot cake, and you have my personal heaven.

On my first visit, the owner had to actually kick me out because he was closing.  Needless to say, in the absence of friends, I will be spending a lot of time here.  

But then again, with all this good food and now, an endless supply of cheap books, who needs a social life?

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