Sunday, March 17, 2013

good food, my favorite eastern European, and green beer

After my hectic first week, I thought this weekend would involve an unreasonabe amount of sleep, followed by a fair bit of moseying around in my underwear and wool socks.  Now looking back, I'm not sure where I got that idea - I knew that Erika was coming in to town, and Erika simply does not partake in any sort of moseying, panted or otherwise.

Starting with a 7 AM Friday workout before work, "mosey" pretty much had been eliminated from my vocabulary all together.  I'm not complaining though; with all the free time I would have otherwise spent meandering in my undergarments, I was able to accomplish a lot.  For example...

Our first night, we wandered into an authentic Mediterranean restaurant.  By authentic, I mean we had to take off our shoes as to avoid dirtying the Aladdin-esque rugs and pillows on the couches.

Lentil soup and a sampler of hummus, babaganush, carrot salad, and stuffed grape leaves tastes way better in your socks.

And with that dinner, we began a pretty embarrassing escapade of money-spending.  But man, was it delicious.  We traveled up and down Europe, and back into the US via our (now slightly larger) stomachs.  From the Greek appetizers, the next night we went for a little bit of French cuisine at a place in my neighborhood called "La Creperie"...

...where we munched on savory crepes filled with roasted veggies, goat cheese, and chicken.  And of course, no French meal is complete with a bit of wine.

We also dabbled a bit with the local cuisine (i.e. deep dish pizza at Gino's East)...

And then rounded out the weekend with some sushi.  (I don't have a picture of that, though, because I become a bit crazed when it comes to my raw fish and generally forget everything else around me, including snapping any pics).

It was great.  I mean, absolutely freakin amazing (for the most part).  The parts that weren't absolutely freakin amazing rested somewhere in our mid-sections.  Luckily for us, that was easily remedied by a few good exploratory runs on the trail around Lake Michigan, steps from my front door.

The other downside to our whirlwind weekend of uncharacteristic spending was the whole spending part.  I'm not eating out of dumpsters, but my budget also wasn't quite fitted for our world tour of luxury dining.  To ease that unfortunate bit, we... well, we didn't really do anything constructive.  We did, however, celebrate St. Patty's day Chicago-style, which made us feel a little better.

What's Chicago style?  Well, you start by watching them dye the whole Chicago River green...

Then you spend the rest of the day drinking green beer and Irish Sangria (surprisingly, I was too preoccupied with that bit to remember to take pictures).

And that, in a nutshell, was my not-so-relaxing but oh-so-fun first weekend in Chicago.

My favorite Slovak leaves tomorrow morning; I'm going to miss the friendly face, but maybe it will be good for both me and my wallet to have a few days on my own.


  1. I have never been to chicago but you just highlighted all the reason I want to visit there! love the idea of exploring through your stomachs. haha

    1. Definitely the only way to do it! The best (or maybe the worst) part about it is that I haven't even really scratched the surface yet haha :P Does DC have a lot to offer in the yummy treats category?