Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sayonara South Florida!

I feel a bit guilty that I didn't spend my last day in my first ever apartment performing some sort of candlelit ritual, or whatever it is you're supposed to do when closing a major chapter of your life.  I guess I'm just too excited to be moving on to focus on the past, or at least to buy candles for it.

I won't pretend that today wasn't a little hard though.  For starters, I think West Palm was trying to seduce me to stay a little longer by producing some of the most wonderful running weather imaginable.  Mid 60's, not a cloud in the sky... the type of day specifically designed for a long run.  So add another 10 miles to my running shoes' road life.

I also was treated to a short visit by the Fonseca-Bertolez family, which unsurprisingly included their spoiled little man-child, Zeus.  You know, the one that Steph and I bought from Mr. Creeper McSketchterson our junior year of college.

He's the one with the big head.

Steph, Manuel, and Zeus were on their way to Miami for Spring Break, but stopped by for a quick chat and a sip from the toilet bowel (I'll let you guess who did the chatting and who did the sipping.)

I also had to say goodbye to Rachel, my fellow runner/cyclist/country music loving friend, one of the few that I made during my short stint here in South Florida.

I really wasn't planning on making any good friends while I was here, but when you find someone who you don't absolutely want to kill 2.5 hours into a 3 hour long run... well, they're bound to stick with ya.  Goodbye's are a lot easier over a sushi happy hour though; at least you can drown out your sorrow with some sashimi.

Moving on from that little pity party, I do have some good news: I am slowly becoming aware of a somewhat underground network of bloggers.  You might already know about them, but I hadn't really realized they existed until just this week.  Regardless, there seems to be entire community of fitness loving, healthy eating, getting up before sunrise voluntarily to run, bloggers out there - basically a whole society of carbon copy Nicoles.  It's amazing really.

In this community, they do cool things like this "Healthy sELF Challenges:"


Basically, everyone involved in the challenge gets a list of things to accomplish over several months.  There is a new challenge every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, all of which involve (you guessed it) being healthy. 

(See for yourself here!)

The only thing I like more than being healthy is a good challenge.  And the only thing I like more than that is combining the two in to snazzy blog posts.  And the only thing I like more than that is German chocolate cake and Bloody Mary's... but those might have to wait.

Anyway, moral of the story: starting tomorrow, I will begin this Healthy sELF challenge with challenge #1: make a list of 20 things you're thankful for.  And, as you know, when I face a challenge, I settle for nothing less than COMPLETE DOMINATION.  So tomorrow, be prepared for me to thank the crap out of Monday... it could get ugly.

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