Sunday, April 28, 2013

Giant Spuds

I hope that the alarming speed at which my weeks are flying by isn't going to become a theme in my life.  Otherwise, I feel like I should start scoping out denture creams now.  To think that it's been a full week since my lovely mother last graced my little, red, Craig's List couch is almost unbelievable.

I've gotten so used to this steady parade of loved ones flying in from various parts of the country that, in comparison, this week and weekend seems pretty dull.  I would skip this post all together but, seeing as my once a week posts are already flirting dangerously with not actually blogging at all, I've done my best to scrounge up something.  So, here, I present a list that I so accurately will call "Exciting Highlights of the Week: A List of Things More Exciting than Calling Comcast Customer Support."

1.  Derrick and I came up with a new way of coping with our long distance predicament: if we can't see each other every day, at least we can send each other a picture of ourselves every day (don't worry - it's all been G rated).  It's been going pretty well; seeing a digital version of his face in the morning is better than not seeing it at all.  This little game has also confirmed my suspicions that we may actually be on to something here with our relationship.  Despite my valiant attempts:

He continues to request a daily picture.  I have indeed found the man of my dreams.

2.  My Saturday involved three very satisfying elements: an afternoon not spent alone, an Urban Outfitters outlet, and Build-Your-Own Giant Spuds.  My friend Rae and I continued building our new friendship over unique food outings.  We met up on Saturday with her friend Sam, walked for 45 minutes in the wrong direction, and then stopped for lunch at a local bar before doing loving backstrokes through the racks of $58 Urban Outfitter denim jeans on sale for $9.99.

Of course I only took a picture of the last element in the pleasing afternoon trio of events; it seems like these days I can only ever manage to take pictures of food.  But, in my defense, certain things were put on this Earth solely to be photographed, including glorious giant stuffed spuds.

3. I went to the gym.  Not really news at all, and definitely not exciting.  My gym itself is pretty exciting though (as far as a gyms go at least).  The LA Fitness by my apartment is on the 7th floor of a curiously deserted "mall" (at which I've never actually seen customers or an open shop, two vital elements to a mall).  My gym's location is most exciting if you are excited about being in relatively high places overlooking city landscapes.  If that is your cup of tea, however, the LA Fitness on Clark is your place:

The coolest view (in my opinion) is from the pool, the one feature of LA Fitness evidently advertised in nursing homes city-wide (the only people I ever actually see in the pool are the second string for the FrontWalkers group who I met a few weeks ago... you can click on the link to read about that, if you forget).  That being said, I haven't actually been in the pool (I've always thought of public pools as giant Petri dishes, and I've yet to discover a personal need compelling enough to willingly spend time in a Petri dish that has been incubated with old people).  My personal opinions aside, the pool is quite lovely to look at:

4.  I went to WalMart in a leather jacket (a gift from my mom) and my Converse sneakers (a gift from Derrick):

A self-proclaimed fashion photographer stopped me, asked me where I got my jacket, and said he "loved what I was doing" with my outfit.  This either makes me a fashion savant, or (more likely) the recipient of really good gifts.  Regardless, I was feeling pretty good and thought I might have caught a whiff of an opportunity on the horizon.  Until he started talking about yogurt.  At which point I decided to move on.

I will end this somewhat dismal post here, because I've always felt that a party's over once the questionably qualified fashion photographers shows up... which seems to be the case.

Before I leave you to return to more exciting tasks (changing your cat's litter box, scraping the lint out of your dryer, etc.), I do have some important business to address.  My best friend also seems to have found herself in a new place with not much more than I had when I started (which was a bed, a TV tray, and a folding chair).  To cope, she' also started blogging.  Although she is marginally less witty and interesting than me, I think reading her blog would be a great way to transition from reading about my exciting life back to reality.  Read about her life here.

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  1. Best post yet, and not because you finally managed to put together an outfit that apparently rendered you slightly less appalling to look at than usual : )