Sunday, April 14, 2013

When it rains, it pours.

If you weren't impressed by my previous posts, you can probably stop reading now; this post might leave you falling asleep at your computer.  I've read that the key to blogging is to use big, colorful pictures, because evidently we never really grow out of liking big, colorful things.

Being a questionably skilled blogger as it is, I take all the advice I can get to heart.  Hence the pictures that usually accompany my posts; even if what I'm saying isn't interesting, I can at least distract you with a lot of color.

The thing is about this post: I don't have any pictures to accompany the good things that happened this week.   The reason for this is a lot of rain.  You see, it started raining last Monday... and then it never stopped.  I consequently wasn't in a great mood all week... but at least I didn't short-circuit, lose my mind, then die.

Can't say the same for my iPhone.

Along with all my contacts, apps, messages, etc., I also lost all my pictures.  The extreme inconvenience of this didn't hit me all at once, though, as swiped my credit card for $165 at the Apple store.  It's  more like a slow rippage of a Band-Aid from a hairer-than-average forearm wound... drawn-out, increasingly painful, and not something to think about while you eat.

So, anyway, to make up for my lack of big, colorful pictures of my life, I'll start with this:

And I'll throw in this for good measure:

Because if that doesn't make you a little bit happy, then there's really nothing I could do anyway.

Moving on, the good things that happened this week:

1.  Tyler had to be in Chicago for work Thursday, so I got to see him Thursday night.  We tried a restaurant at Myles recommendation (Giordano's, known for their deep dish pizza).  Although the dinner company was grand, neither Tyler nor I was very impressed with the pizza; we decided on a 2.5 star rating for the joint (3 max).  We also decided that Myles was fired as restaurant adviser.

2. I tried a cycling class at the gym for the first time.  The instructor was no Rachel; there really isn't much a comparison between a middle age man of questionable sexual orientation and sizable belly pooch and my dear (almost married!) friend.  But overall, the class was good and I will probably be returning.

3.  I found my new favorite place to eat.  Yes, I say this every time... but it's my blog so I can do what I want.  It's called the Bourgeois Pig; it's a cafe where all of the sandwiches are named after books or authors, and every one sounds just as good as the next.  I liked it so much I committed the mortal sin of new city dwelling: I came here two nights in a row.  I sit here at this moment sipping a Ghirardelli's white hot chocolate as I type this post, though, so you must understand.

To make up for the pictures I lost of these things, I took my camera along for the mile walk to this quaint little cafe.  So, to keep the masses happy, here are big colorful pictures of my Sunday evening stroll through the city.

Because I'm getting tired of typing, I won't caption every picture.  They all pretty much would say the same thing though: here's what it looks like walking through Chicago, then eating in Chicago.

We start off leaving my lovely building...

And off we go...

Hope you found that as delightful and delicious as it actually was!

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