Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm on fire!

This week was a real roller coaster of up's and down's for me.

I'd say the lowest point was when this impatient idiot over here drank scalding hot tea through a straw and burned her uvula (i.e. that little punching bag thingy in the back of your throat).  A burned mouth, no big deal right?  Right... usually.  Except not when the burn in question is a second degree burn, and the burn-ee is a borderline hypochondriac with an unfortunate propensity for really weird ailments (cellulitis from wearing heels, anyone?).  So yeah, blood blisters on my uvula... that happened.

But despite the odds, I pulled it out.  And thank God I did, because this week was one of the most beautiful weeks yet here in ol' Chi-town.

Finally, spring!  For real this time.  The wonderful thing I've learned about Chicago is that 90 degrees can actually be enjoyable.  The thing with Florida is that temperature is basically irrelevant; the only thing that really matters is the percent humidity, which varies seasonally from "I will sweat through this shirt in a matter of minutes" to "I refuse to leave my apartment in clothes".  Whereas that 84 in Florida probably fell somewhere in the middle of that scale (I'd guess around "Thank God for deodorant, but still don't get too close"), the 90 in Chicago just meant bliss.  Bliss as in...

Skirts at work!  And lunches outside!  And best of all... daaaa beaaaccchhh!  Which brings me to the highlight of my roller coaster week: first weekend out at Lake Michigan!  Saturday morning, Rae and I got an early start to get our tan on.

And by early, I'm talking before 9 AM, only ones on the beach besides that guy wearing tennis shoes (and shoobies don't count anyway).  The only time we left was for a quick lunch.  We planned on trying a local sushi place but got sidetracked by the smell of food, as so often happens in life.  We ended up at the crepe tent of a local Farmers' Market (yeah, Chicago farmers really branch out I guess).

We ended up enjoying a little picnic of what Derrick later referred to as "weird food."  I had a cup of some local chilled cream of asparagus soup...

And Rae had a ham and cheese crepe.  (Yeah, I know all I ever take pictures of is food.  Call me crazy.)

Although Chicago really dropped the ball with its unreasonably high taxes and that whole murder capital of America thing, I'll give it this: it does its Farmers' Markets right.

It was quite literally the perfect beach day.  The weather was so glorious that I felt it was sort of a moral obligation to reward my newly pale, Midwestern law-firm body with as many hours in the sun as I could.

Which sounds nice, but led to the unfortunate dip in my week-long roller coaster where I presently sit, lathered in aloe with four ice-packs on each of my four limbs.  It turns out that sunscreen isn't as overrated as one might think, especially if it prevents your forearms from swelling (I didn't know a sunburn could do that either).

So although I'd like to post a few more "look how wonderful life in Chicago is" beach pictures, I can't.  Because I spent the rest of the weekend in my bathroom, rubbing aloe furiously on as many parts of my body as I could reach.

Life sure does have a sense of humor.  But I am not amused.

But I don't want to end my post on that sort of dismal note (because God knows, I'm always the optimist).  A few things happened this week to some of my dearest pals that are definitely worth celebrating...

Hannah graduated from college!  That means all four of the four interchangeable blondes are real people in the real world now.

Another one of the four interchangeable blondes, Erika, had a birthday, meaning that she was able to celebrate 23 years of not killing herself yet (although between climbing mountains and hanging off of Prague bridges, she's made a decent effort).

And Steph burned down her apartment within a week of moving in.

Have a good week everyone!

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