Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello Sunday, we meet again

Again, this week wasn't too exciting.  It didn't include any festivals or bars or cross country flights (much to Kelsey's dismay, as she has spent the last week attempting to use her unfortunate struggle with poison ivy to bully me into buying an unaffordable ticket to Florida).

Luckily, I have interesting and exciting friends to come to my rescue yet again.  This week, my friend Rae passed her EMT certification exam.

Apart from making significant progress towards a legitimate career and all that, more importantly, I now never have to worry about choking to death around her.  To celebrate, we went shopping down at the Magnificent Mile.  My inner tourist was thrilled.

To reward herself for all of her hard work, Rae got some pretty cute stuff on sale.  To reward myself for all of Rae's hard work, I got myself some much needed summer work attire.

Other than that, there's not much to say about this week.  Ending the post here would be pretty lame, though, so the show must go on.  Apart from new clothes and gross skin ailments, the highlights of the week were...

I got my tan on.  And this time I remembered the sunscreen.

I had one the most unusual work weeks of my short, working-adult career.  People sometimes ask me what I do as a patent paralegal.  And I hate that question because it's really impossible (for me at least) to answer.  Basically, I do whatever an attorney needs to be done at the time.

That can sometimes be some pretty mundane stuff that makes the four years I spent pulverizing my brain with immune cell function and oxidation states a waste, things like keeping track of due dates and filing patent applications with the Patent Office.

It can also sometimes be things that actually pertain to what I learned in college, such as double-checking an attorney's analysis of a potential mayonnaise patent infringement (you may not think that mayo has anything to do with biochemistry, but I can tell you after going through 30 pages of monosaturated fatty acid patent claims: it does).

This week, my job was less paralegal and more historian.  On Monday, my boss came over with a big box of case files marked in all caps to "KEEP FOREVER," and told me that he did not, in fact, want to keep this box forever.  He did, however, want a certain document from a judgement in the case... a judgement passed over 50 years ago.

I now know more about the state of the 1950's cream cheese industry than I'm sure any of you could ever hope to accomplish.

I also decided with approximately 85% certainty that I am going to run in another marathon in October.  I've been running with a pretty hardcore group for a few weeks now, and it's really motivated me to get back into racing.  Last Monday, I ran with one girl who went to one of the best DII cross country schools in the country.  Back in my sophomore year, while I was experiencing the sophistication of European culture...

... grooming horses...

... and falling in love with this lovely man...

... she and her team were at NCAA cross country nationals.  More specifically, winning NCAA cross country nationals.  Being back around talented, competitive runners makes me realize that, although I have enjoyed the last few months of a much needed break from running, I will never be able to kick the habit.

I haven't fully committed to the race yet because I'm not sure if I will be able to give it a solid effort.  I know it is possible to work full time and train for a marathon, but I'm not sure it's possible to work full time, train for a marathon, prepare for one of the most important tests of my career, and maintain some sort of social life.  I'm going to give it a trial run for a few weeks to see if I can (or want to) handle it.  However, I'm serious enough about it that I've already made up my training plan.

I may be still undecided, but things are getting serious once Excel gets involved.

I bought a window AC unit.  My "vintage" apartment with its radiators and questionable plumbing is fine in the winter, but I've finally spent one evening too many grumbling 2 feet in front of my box fan with ice packs on each of my limbs.  I've put off this expensive investment because despite the many things I've learned to do on my own, installing somewhat major home appliances isn't one of them.

Just getting it to my apartment (on the third floor) was an ordeal in itself; I'll just say that it involved a "borrowed" shopping cart and giving my Betty Spaghetti biceps and triceps a task that they very much weren't designed for.  As I sit here writing this, I'm looking over my screen at this:

dreading my next task, which is finding a way to install this monstrously heavy and expensive addition to my life.

So I'll leave you with that.  Maybe next week, I'll have some more festivals or spontaneous trips to share.  Until then, I hope you all enjoy your thankfully air-conditioned week, because I know I certainly will!

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