Sunday, June 9, 2013

such a pleasant surprise

I thought I'd be spending this week as a sleep deprived zombie, showering in a borderline repulsive bathroom alongside a mountain of dirty laundry (spending two weekends in a row out of state doesn't leave a lot of time for basic weekend activities like cleaning your bathroom, doing your laundry, or, you know, sleeping).

And I was right, because I did spend most of my week as a sleep deprived zombie, showering in a borderline repulsive bathroom alongside a mountain of dirty laundry.  What I hadn't predicted, though, was that I would more specifically be a pleasantly surprised sleep deprived zombie, showering in a borderline repulsive bathroom alongside a mountain of dirty laundry... because this week was full of pleasant surprises!

First, my sweet, sweet man of a boyfriend sent me flowers at work...

Half of my firm now thinks that my birthday is in June, while the other (more informed) half now knows that I somehow managed to find quite a catch down in Florida.

Secondly, I made the ultimate cost efficient addition to my already picture perfect apartment (for which I won $100 off my rent this month, thanks to the lovely peeps who voted for me on Facebook!):

Apparently, someone saw no more use for this little black Ikea table and decided to throw it out.  Being the stingy economical city dweller that I am, I picked this baby off the curb, scrubbed the shiz out of it, and set it right alongside my growing collection of Craig's List and second-hand pieces.  Nothing quite like relaxing with my feet up on this slightly chipped but totally free gem (which had previously been impossible with its predecessor, the fold-up TV table compliments of my dad from when I first moved in).

Thirdly, (and ok, this wasn't really a surprise), I took advantage of one of the freedoms of a completely self-supporting, responsible, legal adult with a full time job and otherwise wholesome hobbies: enjoying some happy hour drinks with a few friends from work.

Of course I would ruin the one picture we took.  I guess this does more accurately portray what was going on at that point: I was being told that if we were the Spice Girls, I would be Baby Spice because I am blonde and technically (as the youngest) the baby of the group anyway.  I inexplicably and pretty unreasonably found this deeply insulting, and don't seem to have hid it well.

My co-workers are pretty fun, so happy hour turned out to be happy four or five hours.  I continue to learn life lessons daily since I've moved to the city (for example, just because a week's worth of groceries can fit into two WalMart shopping bags doesn't guarantee that your groceries won't end up all over the street on your way home) and last night was no exception: I now know that starting a tab is not something that turns out well, unless "well" means spending $30 on average-at-best Pinot Grigio and baby glasses of sangria.

It turns out even worse if you are (unlike me) an especially generous drinker who sees no problem with buying the table a round of shots.  I was infuriated to learn that I  had spent close to $30 without even getting any food; had I been as gracious a soul as Amy and Paul and bought a round for the group, I would have had a sure meltdown (and mostly certainly taken the bar down with me).

Fourthly, I randomly stumbled upon yet another reason why I love this city.  I happened to read one of Elin Hilderbrand's (of whose books, such as The Blue Bistro, I really like) Facebook statuses saying that she was going to be in Chicago this weekend.  Turns out some committee (that I can only assume to be named "The Committee for Organizing All Things Nicole Likes") organized a festival that combines two of my favorite things in the world: books and food.

So Saturday, I met up with Rae (who is also a fan of good books, especially the cheap kind) to go to the Printers Row Lit Fest downtown.

You know how when Tom sees Jerry and imagines him as a roast turkey?  That's the little thought bubble that pops up over my head when I see this...

Three dollar a book, all books imaginable.  I was in heaven.

To make the day even better, I was introduced for the first time (I think) to the joy of Thai food.  Rae and I split some appetizers of Spring Rolls and Summer Rolls;  I had never so much as had a rice noodle before, and here I was enjoying half a calendar year of rolls.

We were both pretty excited about it.

So that was my week.  Seeing as I started it expecting the highlights to be scrubbing my bathroom tiles and doing my laundry, I'd say it really surpassed my expectations with flying colors.  That's not to say that I didn't clean the bathroom or wash my clothes; I did.  But doing grown-up chores is so  much more tolerable when you have red sangria and discount priced books sprinkled in between.

Hope you all have a pleasantly surprising week!

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