Sunday, June 16, 2013

Is this even worth blogging about?

Sitting down to write this, I realized that this week was really nothing spectacular. I considered that it might not even be worth blogging about. I mean, obviously it depends on whose standards you're going by:

If you haven't left your room this week, then pull up and hold on to your Depends because my week is going to blow your mind.

But if you have friends like Vince, who just successfully passed yet another quarter of the gruesome test that will one day make him a CPA, then I really don't belong on the internet.  (Side note: I think my mom is thinking about adopting Vince; what a disappointment that none of her offspring want to follow her footsteps and spaghettify their minds with numbers.)

Or if you have friends like Suzi, who just recently learned that she was one of the few students selected to go to a plenary session at the International Astronomical Congress in Beijing in September to talk about space exploration and otherwise impressively important shiz, then my post will be as moving as Ruby coughing up yet another hairball.

What tipped the scale in favor of posting this week was imagining what Steph would do if I didn't.  And it would probably involve a knife.  So, the highlights of my week:

I did serious work at work.  Other than finding a bathroom when you really, really have to go, crossing off "to-do" items could be the most satisfying feeling in the world.  My extreme efficiency actually backfired, though; I finished so much in the first half of the week that I hardly had anything to do on Thursday and Friday (cue the violins, I know).

I got Instagram on my phone.  Yeah, I guess I'm that girl.

My first LSAT prep book came in the mail.  If my future career goals were a marathon, this would be about the equivalent of downloading a training program.  But you've gotta start somewhere, and judging by the pleasantly intrigued look on this guy's face, I've picked as good a place as any!

I ran 4 days this week.  Usually not noteworthy for me, but I've been in elliptical-hibernation mode after moving from the Sunshine State.  It's finally summer, though, so it's time I can enjoy the beautiful city where I live.  I've found a pretty serious running group in the area (I'm talking 20+ Boston qualifiers all in one place) that I've been running with on Monday nights.  I wasn't sure if I was ready to start training for races again, but I'm rethinking that after my leisurely Friday run turned into a tempo workout because some girl in Sophie shorts didn't like me passing her.  Completely unnecessary races against total strangers?  May be a sign I need to start racing again.

For the first time ever, I made plans around a hockey game.  As much as I normally try to ignore that sports and teams exist other than football and the Ravens, it just can't be done when the Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup finals.  So I'm embracing my unashamed bandwagonery;  I met up with some friends and made some new ones on Saturday night to watch Game 2.  To be honest, everyone's your friend around here when the Hawks are on, especially after a round of pickleback shots.  (Yes, they are very real and yes, we did have them.  Life's always throwing you curveballs.)

I missed my family, especially my dad, on Father's Day.  Public blogs on the internet are no place for sincere, heartfelt emotion so I won't go on about this too much.  I know everyone says this, and they might even believe it, but I know the truth: I do have the best dad in the world.  I love the exciting adventures in my life and exploring new places around the country, but it doesn't come without a price; I miss my family, including my dad who has always been my role model and hands down my biggest fan.

(Yes, Kelsey, before you say anything, I did notice your very inappropriately placed head on my shoulder.  And I chose to ignore it.)

So that was my week.  If neither that nor my super smart friends impressed you, then I apologize but that's all I've got.  But before you leave to go find something more impressive or just plain funnier, I'm going to warn you that even if you don't think my post-it notes and LSAT prep books are big news now... one day, like when you're thinking about cutting off your boobs, you might:

This week, the Skimm (the main source for all my world news) shared this story about the Supreme Court's decision that genes, like the ones that indicate a high risk for breast cancer, cannot be patented.  It's a huge story on its own just because of its implications for medical research, but it's even a bigger deal for me because it basically combines everything that has or will be relevant to my career: science and patent law.

So while the article title says "Supreme Court says genes can't be patented," I read "Nicole, what you're doing is at least somewhat relevant to society."  And knowing that, maybe you might think my week is a bit more impressive (or at very least, comparable to a cat mew-ing in a bathtub).

Hope you all have a great week!  And, of course, if you ever want to help make my week more impressive by stopping up (or over, depending on where you're from) for a visit to the Windy City, I'm always missing my long distance friends and family... I've got a little red pull-out couch with your name on it!

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