Sunday, June 30, 2013

Parades and Gays an 5K's! And Fashion and Lots of Caffeine.

The title of this post got a little out of hand.  It does a pretty great job of summing up what I'm going to say though, so if you're strapped for time... you pretty much get the gist of my week.

But who's strapped for time these days?

Actually, that would sort of be me.  But I'm not complaining because my busy schedule is completely and entirely self-inflicted.  It'd be like if I chose to become a vegetarian then complained that I wanted a hot dog.  If I want a hot dog, no one's stopping me from eating  hot dog.  Just like no one is making me study for the LSAT's or do long runs on muddy trails through lighting storms.

muddy shins... delicious!
But that's what I've been doing.  My days have been going something like this: wake up, go to work, work until I want to smash my head on the keyboard, smash my head on the keyboard, work more, come home, run, shower and eat, do practice LSAT questions until my brain is mashed potatoes... then read and drink tea until I fall asleep (usually 15 minutes later).  Caffeine consumption is up.

And then, of course, I like to spice it up and sprinkle in a bit of mob-like crowds and championship parades here and there:

The Hawks won the Stanley Cup, which is kind of a big deal or something.  I won't even pretend I'm close to a Hawks (or hockey in general) fan.  Honestly, those people on that championship bus could have been the two McDonald's cashiers down the street wearing Hawks jerseys and I wouldn't have known the difference.  Being in that crazy atmosphere did kind of get me pumped up, though.  And seeing the Stanley Cup itself was pretty cool.  (If you look really closely at the guy on the back of the bus, you can see ol' Stan himself).

And as you may have guessed from the title of this post, this week was also jazzed up by a bit of gays and 5K's (but not together, as far as I know).

I wanted to gauge where I was at with my running before I get too far into my marathon training, so I signed up for the2tough2bully 5K.  The race was only $17 to enter and it was pretty small (somewhere around 200 participants), so it wasn't chip timed (i.e. those little things racers put on their shoes).

I did well (I came in second and clocked in around 17:40, although I'm pretty sure it was a little less than a 5K).  It was also my first time around Grant Park and the Shedd Aquarium, which is beautiful, so pictures would have been nice.  Unfortunately, however, they didn't offer a bag check.  I took the bus down to the race, so my options were either to leave my phone at home, carry it while I raced, or hide it so no one would steal it while I ran.  I chose option one.

I did, though, take a few pictures of the trip the day before pick up my race packet (and also get a new pair of very badly needed shoes).  You know how Augustus Gloop goes absolutely nuts when he visits Willie Wonka's factory?  That's me when I walk into a running store.

And as for gays?  Well, this city never stops surprising me.  This weekend my neighborhood celebrated the apparently well-known event called "Pride."  In case you're like me and have no idea what that is, it's basically just a big parade to support being gay.  My neighborhood had been preparing for it for weeks with rainbows beginning to pop up where rainbows normally aren't found.

I guess I should have taken that as a hint that this would be a huge extravaganza.  But I didn't.  I actually had no idea that Pride carries about the same weight as the Fourth of July around here until, after realizing my bus home from the race had been rerouted due to the parade, I had to take the L home.  There I was just trying to enjoy my banana when I'm suddenly squashed up against the window by 52 drunk rainbow fairies in tutus and their gay bro's (yeah, I thought that was an oxymoron until now too).

And that was nothing compared to what awaited me (literally at the end of my street) when I got home

Drunk Hawks' fans is one thing but this, especially when you're sweaty, smelly, tired, and just trying to cross the street... well, I was not extremely amused.

To be clear, I'm all for equality.  But I'm not sure how I feel about this one.  However, I'm going to save discussing controversial subjects for things that I actually have strong feelings about (Joe Flacco vs. Tom Brady or the advantages of not folding socks, for example).

Moving on.

Back to more important things: this blog.  I've been sort of on the fence with this blog for the past few weeks.  It was definitely a great way to keep my family and friends updated as I moved across the country on my own.  There were so many new and exciting things going on, blogging just seemed like the most logical way of letting everyone know what I was up to, and more importantly, that I wasn't dead.

Now as I've settled into daily life, though, it seems like this blog has turned in to more of me telling you about my daily (and usually ordinary) activities.  While I'm sure that's fascinating, everyone has their own daily activities so my trip to Walmart hardly becomes something worth reading.  Plus, it sometimes creeps me out knowing that anyone could potentially know where I do my grocery shopping (just to get all Snowden on ya).

I thought about stopping the bloggery, but I do actually enjoy it.  So this week, when my friend Julie from work commented that she liked my outfit and that I should start a fashion blog, my brain gears started spitting  flames.  I told my mom about the idea (yeah, I'm a grown up) and she also hopped right on board.  Actually, she sort of took over the train.

I love my mom and her enthusiasm.  At first, I wasn't sure that anyone besides the people biologically obligated to care what I think would, you know, care what I think.  But I figured that if someone like Julie, who is probably one of the most legit people I know (she has her own Wikipedia page, people), seemed to care... then surely someone without their own encyclopedia entry would read it.

So I started this week taking a picture of my outfits.  I figure that if I start actually doing this, my spin would be "fashion on a budget" (because I am, after all, the girl who lives in an apartment furnished entirely with Craig's list and dumpster-dive pieces).

Literally nothing I wore this week cost more than $30 and almost all of it was from Target or H&M.  Although I am not sure if this is something I can really find enough material to blog about (despite my mom's obvious beliefs to the contrary), I think it might be fun.

Plus, if I run out of ways to look professional in poverty, I do live in a city where I have quite literally seen a man in a cowboy hat and spandex running in moonshoes, a woman in a snowsuit straight out of "A Christmas Story", and a man riding a bicycle in a gorilla suit, all on one run.  "Man on the street" may take on an entirely new meaning.

I'll leave this topic up to discussion in case anyone is really opposed to this new direction for my blog.  Seeing as I have had a total of two people comment on this blog in the past, though, I will take no comments as enthusiastic support for my decision.

Hope you all have a good week.  Stay classy!


  1. I enthusiastically support this fashion blog idea! Also I wouldn't mind continuing to hear about your daily life. You're a 20-something, city-living paralegal! What's not exciting about that? Also, I sincerely apologize for making you run a marathon, because now apparently we won't stop running them...

    1. hooray! your support was really all I was waiting for! & about the marathon thing... what you did was like taking an alcoholic to a pub crawl: a bit cruel to an addict, but I had a problem long before you you convinced me to do Disney ;)