Sunday, July 28, 2013

Livin' it up like it's my birthday

As I'm writing this post, this is what I see over my laptop screen:

That's right, I'm at Gate 15B, waiting to board a flight home to Baltimore for a 12 hour pit-stop before heading out to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, with my family and dearly missed boyfriend!

For this post, I'm mainly only going to write about one day from the past week.  Because who cares about Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday when Wednesday was your birthday?

Not unexpectedly, this birthday was a lot different than my past 22.  For example, this was the first birthday I've spent with 36 Panera bagels on public transportation.  But that's where I was at 8 AM last Wednesday morning.

One of my firm's unspoken policies is that you bring treats for breakfast on your birthday.  (Which makes about as much sense to me as expecting a bride to hand out Kitchen Aid mixers at her wedding.)  Not wanting to be known as the office cheap-o though, I left my reverse-gift in the lunchroom at 8:30 AM.  At approximately 8:45, this is what was left:

I've learned that there is an art to "birthday breakfast" acquisition around here; if you wait even 10 minutes after the treats are announced by email, you're guaranteed nothing more than half a blueberry bagel (which everyone knows is the worst flavor).

Securing prime pickings requires dedication and a firm set of alliances.  For example, I was obligated to send out a text to a few of my closest firm friends giving them an estimated bagel arrival time the morning of.  Bottom line: you want a cinnamon sugar bagel or glazed doughnut with rainbow sprinkles?  You gotta play dirty.

But for what trouble I went through dodging the questionable crowd at my neighborhood's PaneraCares (don't get me started on that), I was more than rewarded.  My lovely co-workers were especially lovely, showering me with birthday cards:

And taking my tab at a nice little birthday lunch at Cactus:

Really, what more do you need out of a birthday than sparkly puppy cards and a free blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich?  The answer is nothing... so  imagine how spoiled I felt when I opened my mailbox to find two delightful cards, one personalized card from my amazing boyfriend and one stuffed with $20, all in two dollars bills, from my grandfather in Colorado.

You're immediately surrounded with an air of mystery after pulling out a two dollar bill at your Neighborhood Walmart (or at least as mysterious as you can get while holding a  bag of pretzel goldfish).

My mom, the original fashionista numero uno, also surprised me with a birthday package.  I wasn't expecting anything from my parents because they already bought half of my airfare home this week as an early birthday gift.  The unexpectedness of the gift made the two necklaces my mom picked out...

... even more exciting than they would be on their own.  (Which really is an achievement, because I couldn't have picked out two "Nicole style" necklaces better myself.)

All of these birthday pleasures, and I haven't even mentioned my birthday present to myself: Robert Galbraith's (i.e. the clever J.K. Rowling's) latest book and a pedicure.  After all, even baby seals need some pampering every once in a while.

Overall, there's only one thing that would have made the day absolutely perfect: arriving at the Outer Banks with Derrick to meet my family.  But luckily for me, I got that wish a few days later.  After seven hours of quality drive time with my ever reliable road trip co-pilot:

We made it to paradise.

As I finish this post (my typical airport Starbuck's run cut my blog-time short yesterday), I'm in the beach house living room, still in my bathing suit, listening to both Derrick's and my sister's commentary of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, which has included "why doesn't he switch it left?" and "why don't they just kick it really hard at the big square?" (I'll let you guess whose is whose).

What's on the agenda for this evening?  The same as for the rest of this week: feet up, bottoms up, and aloe for the inevitable sunburn.

Hoping you all have a relaxing week.  As for me, I know that I could get used to this!


  1. CONCACAF Gold Cup* Final vs Panama is tonight btw. I'm sure Derrick will be watching!

    1. Guess that shows how much I was paying attention! It seems I can't multitask as well as I thought I could.

  2. Happy belated birthday! I've actually never heard of bringing your own birthday goodies to work...that's an interesting concept. Anyway, hope you enjoy your vacation!

    1. Thank you! And yes, it is sort of a bizarre concept if you think about it! But I'm all for it when I'm the one getting the treats ;) haha