Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Penny Pinched Professional #2: Big Shiny Things

Nothing personal, Michael, but I'm not paying $275 to tell time on your 
Oversize Rose Gold Watch

I usually am not a watch wearer (unless it has a GPS and it can tell me my pace), but a couple girls in my lab back in Florida had this Michael Kors watch (one had gold and one had this rose gold color) and I really started liking the style.

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The big, gold watch thing is definitely popular but unfortunately, those babies can cost $275.  I didn't spend that much money on my couch, coffee table, and kitchen table&chair set... combined... so there's really no justification for spending it on a watch.  Even the cheaper versions (like the one from Fossil) are upwards of $100.  So there was no fulfilling the rose gold colored dreams of this penny-pinched professional, right?

Well, no actually.

I've had more than a few girls tell me that they like my Style&co. watch, and some even ask me if it's its high-priced cousin.  It's not; while Michael charges $275, I got this one for $30 at Macy's.  I think that technically this is considered "Gold-Tone," but it looks more rose gold to me.  Style&co. also sells a more yellow gold version, plus a few other varieties that are a little different than mine (for example, without the glitzy rhinestones around the face).

So, Michael, I love ya but as a penny-pinched paralegal, I don't love your prices.  I hate to say it but I'm cheating on you with Macy; she can give me what I want for a whole lot less.

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