Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Penny Pinched Professional #3: Natalie

Meet Natalie, also known as:
The Fashionista Up Front

It's been a mad scramble to be the first featured penny pinched professional on my blog.  Even if Beyonce hadn't been disqualified for making a butt-load of money, Natalie still would have taken the top spot with this fancy little number she rocked on Monday.

Natalie is one of the busiest ladies at our firm, working part-time at the front desk and managing her many paralegal responsibilities.  She's known best for owning Chicago swimming competitions, telling it like she sees it, and lightening up the mood with the occasional, well-timed "dude".

She also kills the penny pinched professional look.  You'd never guess by looking at her that she's in that league of 20-somethings to get excited over Walmart frozen dinner sales.

After Natalie told me that she got dressed on Monday and said to herself, "This is a Nicole Clarke look," there was no choice but to give her sassy outfit a name of its own:

The Fashionista Up Front

Obviously, Natalie is wearing the blue version of the shirt above.  She says that her shoes come from DSW (always a solid choice for the penny pinched), but I couldn't find them on Polyvore.  Even better is Natalie's skirt choice; she got her pencil skirt for free from a friend who originally bought it at Talbots.

For those of you without comfortably loaded friends who aren't fans of pre-purchase dressing room trips, I decided to include a similar black pencil skirt from Target.  Natalie's Talbots skirt is a great piece if you can afford it, but Target is always a good back up for the fashionistas who don't want to break the bank.

Just a little inspiration to get you all through hump day!

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