Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Penny Pinched Professional #4: The Destitute Diva

Even though "destitute" is a stretch, alliteration makes things sound better.  So, I present to you one of my favorite looks:

The Destitute Diva

I've been told that I'm the poster child for Target and H&M, something I can't deny while wearing this outfit.  Both the skirt and the shirt are from Target, but you'd never guess I bought them one aisle over from baby wipes on sale for $6.99.

The Destitute Diva

This outfit's only drawback is that the skirt is definitely a "statement piece," so you can't wear it more than once or twice a week without people questioning your hygiene.

My fashion philosophy is that generally you should buy simple items (e.g, without crazy cheetah patterns) so you can mix and match the same few pieces and get entirely new outfits without anyone noticing.  (For a while, my co-workers thought I had a whole closet of skirts before I told them that I really only had two, I just had a lot of jewelry that I mixed and matched like a pro.)

This skirt obviously doesn't fit that mold, but what are rules for if you're not going to break them?  It's one of my favorite pieces of clothing and my go-to on days I need to channel my inner Beyonce-type fearlessness.  And for $23, what's not to love?

If anyone has an opinion on this penny pinched look, I'd love to hear from you:

Yay or nay on animal prints in the office?  Any fashion philosophies of your own?

Who knows, if you have something to share, I might just name my next alliterated outfit after you!


  1. Cute outfit! Definitely approve of animal prints in the office as long as it's balanced out with something simple. I wear zebra print flats to work pretty regularly to spice up boring outfits :)

    Also, I <3 Target. I can't believe that entire outfit was only $23!

    1. Exactly! A little bit of spice is always a good thing. I bet your flats are cute!

      But the whole outfit wasn't $23, just the skirt. I wish it was all that cheap! :/ The shirt was only like $15 though, and the shoes and watch weren't expensive either... so it's not too bad!