Friday, July 5, 2013

The saddest girl in all of Chicago

This has been a rough week for me because I miss my people.  I love Chicago and I've met some truly great, funny, amazing people here.  But everyone knows what I mean when I say my people.

You've got friends, then you've got your people.  The people you take road trips with and don't feel the need to fill the silence.  The people you can tell to go away when you're tired and grumpy at 5AM without having to worry about apologizing later.  The people you can text after a week of not talking just to tell them that your watch broke.

Your freakin people.  And I miss mine a lot.

This week has been hard because while everyone I know here has been clearing out early to spend time with their people this holiday weekend, I know that my people will be doing the same... without me.


Because this specimen of mature adulthood... the first of the favorites to take the biggest step into real-personhood: Cristina is getting married tomorrow.  Most of my friends will be there to celebrate her big day.  And if a raging letter with borderline legal threats would make airlines lower their holiday weekend rates, I might be there too.

It breaks my heart because I know what the weekend will be like.  It'll start out respectable and beautiful, like weddings should be.  But then it'll be time for the reception, where I'm sure wine will happen.

And when wine happens, that's when it gets good.  That's when people start imitating anteaters and beluga whales.  It's when Kelsey starts losing her sandwiches.  

But most importantly, it's when it's perfectly OK to sappily reminisce about things that, under normal conditions, aren't really cause for sappy emotion.  Like when we learned that at least fifteen people at FIT were missing their opossums during finals week.

Or when Runnerz B' Ballin won their first and only championship.

Or any of the serious events which we in no way took seriously.  Which was all of them.

So this weekend, I am the saddest girl in the city because there is no where I would rather be than with my friends in Florida, sitting around with glasses of wine remembering every time Steph terrified someone on the guys team, every time Coach's badly spelled emails were inadvertently completely inappropriate (but then again, no one ever forgot their dress shits and ties for a banquet), and those glorious and rare moments when Kelsey decided to dance.

I'm lucky to have a second family to miss but it doesn't make it any easier.  Usually I have a strong no-sap policy but as the saddest girl in Chicago, I'm letting the sap roll.

Congratulations Cristina!  Can't wait to see you again!

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