Sunday, August 25, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words

My darling sister, always so discreet with her words, recently told me that she "usually just scrolls through the pictures" on my blog.  So while I tell myself that people visit my site for my impressive written wit, it would seem that that's not the case.

So this week, I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking.  Because really, sometimes no amount of words can convey the same message as one, well-practiced look.

This week, I alternated between two alter-Nicole-egos: foodie and 3-year-old.  During the work week, I spent lots of money I shouldn't have trying new restaurants with some friends I hadn't seen in too long.

On Tuesday, I met Erika and Alex to try The Purple Pig, a tapas joint that is evidently one of the 10 best new restaurants in America according to the legitimate foodies at Bon Appétit.  And can you think of a better way to wind down from a long work day than with a plate of bone marrow smear?

And on Thursday, I met Rae (who now works downtown!) at another tapas joint, Quartino.  No bone marrow here, just a huge selection of Italian appetizers, $4 sangria, and the perfect birthday gift.

But being a grown-up for too long is hard.  So this weekend, Derrick and I took a bus half a mile up the road to the Lincoln Park Zoo so that I could unleash my pent-up inner child, who was sick of eating whipped goat cheese and just wanted to see a monkey.

And I did:

I was thrilled, but I don't know that I could say the same for the animals.

I'd say that overall, they were unmoved by our arrival.

That's not to say that all of the animals were so disinterested.  For example, we met a Sun Bear who seemed almost unreasonably elated over the bone he was chewing.  He'd do well at The Purple Pig, discounting the whole 5 inch claw thing.

We also met a few pleasantly satisfied "llamas" (according to some fellow zoo-goers next to us).  But somehow, despite these amateur zoologists' keen species identification prowess, they were unable to figure out what was going on with the unusual humps on these llamas' backs.

This was pretty much where Derrick took over the camera, which I wasn't too upset about.  Actually, I think he may have missed his true calling; what's the pay these days for National Geographic photographers anyway?

He was having such a good time that he wouldn't hand over the camera to let me take a picture of us, even after my assurance that I had really great, long, picture-taking arms.

But eventually I convinced him to let someone take our photo... because no trip to the zoo is really complete until you get a picture in front of the swan exhibit.

So in as few words as I could manage, that was my week.

But I'm kind of liking this whole "pictures more than words" thing.  Because while some jokes take good timing and a perfectly executed delivery to be funny, some things are funny just because they happened.

Like this camel with a deflated hump:

Hope you all have a grand week, filled with lots of whipped goat cheese tapas and monkeys... or at least with fully inflated humps!

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