Sunday, August 4, 2013

Better than a bag of Chex Mix

Happiness is a lot of things to a lot of people.  Ordinarily, happiness to me is finding a seat on the bus and Chex Mix on sale at Walmart.  And while I think that the happiest people are the ones who can find joy in the small things, like half priced snack foods, after a week of this...

... you start forgetting why you defined happiness as 40 minutes sitting on Chicago bus route 151 at 8 AM.  So what actually is happiness?

It's lounging on the beach, listening to Derrick chatting with the local seagulls.  How lucky I am to have found a man so blessed with the gift of cross-species communication.  His ghost crab impersonation makes him pretty popular with the neighborhood crustacean community as well.

It's kitchen chats with your dad while he makes dinner.  One of the few things able to distract my hangry alter-ego (dubbed "Nikki").

It's flying a kite after a rainy day.  Cloudy skies and hair whipping winds make it hard to enjoy "The Cuckoo's Calling" on a beach towel.  But it's prime conditions for breaking out the ol' stunt kite.

It's having a boyfriend who will join you on your morning runs, even when he's tired.  Double happiness when said runs include a muskrat sighting.  (Then again, there aren't many things a good muskrat doesn't improve.)

It's the the everyday activities that become more fun on vacation, like trips to convenience stores.  Maybe vacation makes them more fun, or maybe it's seeing my darling siblings in toddler sized, tourist bucket hats.

But I challenge you to find someone who wouldn't find happiness watching Derrick trying to convince my brother that bucket hats are "in."

It's spending time with your built-in best friend (i.e. your sister).  A lot of friends wouldn't stick around after a few violent games of HORSE, stealthy closet thievery, or extended time with your crazy family.  But that's what you build a sister relationship on... and why it's the best relationship you've got.

It's postcard worthy dates over the Sound.  Fish tacos taste twice as good if they're eaten in front of this view.

It's the people that mean the most.  Maybe Hallmark greeting cards are on to something.  It's sappy until you realize it's true; family is what matters.  And mine makes it easy to agree.

Maybe I'm getting a little bit sentimental in my old age, or maybe that's just what happens after you get an emotional overload... and family, boyfriend, and the Outer Banks definitely flirts with my emotional capacity.  Regardless of which it is, I've got a serious case of the Sunday Blues.

On the bright side, at least when I go back to Chicago this time, I'll be bringing a treat back with  me:

Wishing you all a sunny week!


  1. you guys are adorable! nothing beats great family time, a built in best friend aka sister and time on the beach. so glad you got this time with your family.

    1. thanks! definitely doesn't get a whole lot better. enjoy your vacation too... hopefully it doesn't go by as fast as mine!

  2. Such a happy post, I love it :) And I agree, you guys are such a cute couple. As a side note, I would have never guessed you and your sister are sisters!

    1. Thanks :D And you're totally right... my sister and I have always thought we don't look alike. We're always wondering which one was adopted ;)

  3. Muskrat! Love him!
    Jen :)

    1. He would have loved you too, I'm sure... he was quite personable for a muskrat really.