Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Marathon Training: It's not as fun as I said it was

I wrote a lot last week about my fun running but I strategically didn't mention the not-so-fun running that took place (because if my blog was a meal, you'd be here for the cake, not the broccoli, right?).  But the metaphorical veggies, i.e. actual marathon training, had to happen.  And it did.

Weeks 9 and 10 of my 18 week plan were rough.  Ol' Hal (Hal Higdon, whose training plan I am loosely following) is turning out to be a real slave driver, prescribing a half marathon, a 19 mile run, and a 20 mile run all in three weeks.

Hal's week 9 instructions included a half marathon race, but he can't tell me how to spend my money.  However, I did go hard for 13.1 miles (which I guess is the same thing).  Between that and a surprise workout on Monday (I wasn't planning on going so hard), I was dead the rest of the week.

I dwindled Tuesday and Wednesday, gave a pitiful attempt towards an un-timed workout on Thursday, and just said, "screw running" on Friday, opting for 40 minutes on the elliptical instead.  I needed to catch up on the May edition of Seventeen magazine anyway.

But I don't feel bad about the cross-training because it I knew that Beast Mama would approve.  According to her:

"Only ONE track workout per week and sometimes one every two weeks if legs really tired or else you risk injury since you are running on tired legs all of the time!... One of the keys to the marathon is getting to the line feeling healthy!"

Even though I basically ignored her advice (two hard efforts that week), my cross-training redeemed me in her eyes:

"I think the cross training is good because when you get tired, you will rely on other muscle groups which is why I do lots of push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and abs."
... which was the main motivation behind my "core workout" on Wednesday.  Usually I do a full body kettlebell workout during the week ("KB"), but my legs were so tired that I made up this circuit instead.

(And when I say made up, I mean half thought of, half copied the guy next to me who was in the middle of his $50 per week personal training session.  So I guess that makes this workout half prescribed by a certified personal trainer.)

Even though I will always pick cardio over strength if I have to choose, I start feeling a bit "Skeletor" when I don't do any strength for too long.  Marathon training takes a lot of time though, which is why I like quick but effective workouts like these.

But even if you don't like the workout, I made it into a  pretty pin-able picture (hover over the picture to pin it to your board!) so that at very least you can impress your Pinterest followers.

Hope this helps inflate your hump this Hump Day!

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