Thursday, August 8, 2013

Penny Pinched Professional #5: Beachin' It Penny Pinched Style

Do penny pinched professionals spend their weekdays on barely tolerable office chairs eating fried egg sandwiches for dinner because that's what tickles them?  No.  They do it because they gotta make (and keep) the money.  But what good are the benjamins if you don't get out of the office every once in a while?

Which leads me to Penny Pinched Professional #5:

Beachin' It Penny Pinched Style

Sometimes I get so caught up in the saving mindset that I forget why I'm working: to have the money to enjoy my life.  Budgets are great but even penny pinched professionals need to remember that you can splurge every once in a while, like my vacation last week, without dooming your future, retirement-aged self to inhabiting a refrigerator box.

But even when you're not in the office, you still want to look good.  And luckily for you, that’s possible without buying a $3 million dollar swimsuit; you can do it penny pinched professional style, without paying an arm and a leg or your first born child or whatever.  One way is with this penny pinched set:

Beachin' It Penny Pinched Style

I’ve become more daring with fashion since moving to Chicago (after shopping next to a 180 lb. black cross-dresser with chest hair and heels, a crop top shirt starts seeming quite tame).  The “shirt” I’m wearing in the picture is actually my sister’s bathing suit top from Target, but I loved the look so much that I want to buy the Topshop shirt I have in the set.

I’m also not actually wearing earrings or shoes in the picture either (less things to get tangled in the strings of the kite we were flying).  If I had been accessorizing, though, I would have worn one of my favorite pairs of earrings…

…which are actually my mom’s, a gift from my dad after a business trip to Arizona.  Unfortunately, Polyvore doesn't have a very wide “Jacque Clarke Jewelry Box” accessory selection, so for this set I had to use the next best thing.  The pair is still cute, though, and a lot cheaper than a flight to Arizona.

Not your typical penny pinched professional look, but even the most destitute of divas needs to get out from time to time.  And who knows, maybe the look will catch on in the legal world and give the term “business casual” a whole new meaning.

Hope you had a great pre-Friday!  Yay or nay on the crop top look?  Chic or leave it on the kindergarten playground?

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