Monday, September 23, 2013

No one likes a Monday.

This post isn't going to be about my weekend.  I know, I go on the trip of a lifetime and all you get is a bunch of crummy GIF images.  Lame.  But I got back late yesterday so if I was going to manage a post about the trip, I'd have had to blog in Vegas.

Not happening.  Sorry, but I'm really not sorry.

I'm planning a Vegas post for Friday but I didn't want to leave all of my loyal readers (hi Mom!) hanging, so instead I'm going to post something else that needed to be said anyway: I owe you all an apology.

Remember that time I wrote about how "Chicago isn't all pretty pictures" and then proceeded to back that claim up with a bunch of pretty pictures?  I'm sorry about that.  And I think it's time to clear up the facts on what happens on Monday, once the weekend and all of the pretty pictures are over.

See, on my blog, I usually start on Friday night, when I'm pumped for the weekend.

But I cut off right before Sunday night.  Why?  Because Sunday night is when I do my "week preparation" chores... making my lunch, doing the dishes... until I realize that tomorrow is Monday.  And that's when things start going downhill.

I stay up as long as possible to savor the weekend.  But then I fall asleep and when I wake up, my alarm is ringing... and it's Monday.

I waste as much time possible brushing my hair until I finally get my crap together, get out the door, and make my way despairingly to the bus stop.

But then I see my bus and it's about to leave without me.

There's always a huge crowd at the bus stop, and usually I let the pushy people just go ahead of me.  But not on Mondays.

And then when I get to work, it's like no one realizes that it's Monday.  Everyone's all sunshine and rainbows, enjoying the morning, and I'm just like...

And then, someone has the nerve to ask me how my weekend went.

In the back of my mind, I know that they're just being nice.  But you know what?

Word gets around pretty quickly not to bother the grump in the pencil skirt, so I'm usually left in peace to browse the internet.  Until my boss emails me...

Most days, I'm good at what I do.  But not Mondays.  On Mondays, I usually get 2 hours into a project until I re-read my instructions... and realize that I'm doing it all wrong.

And by that point, I'm just like...

But then just when I think I will surely die in my cubicle, it's 5.

It's time to go home, so I get out of there...

... and back to my apartment so I can make myself some dinner.

funny gif photo: LoL lol.gif

Sometimes, Derrick will suggest that we do something when we're done eating.  And I'm just like...

... nope.  And instead, I take out my computer and amuse myself on my blog.

Happy Monday!  Don't let it get you down; only one more day until there's only three more days until the weekend!

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