Wednesday, October 9, 2013

who needs the Nobel when you've got Sunshine?

I bet you were pretty impressed with the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine this year, weren't you?

Well, that's small potatoes compared to what I'm about to tell you: this week I was nominated for my second questionably legitimate blogger award, this time by Kenzie (the lovely lady who blogs at Life and Lemons).

Seriously, who's got time for figuring out vital cell mechanisms and systems when there's blogging bling to be won?

The Rules

1. Include the sunshine logo in your blog
2. Answer the following ten questions
3. Nominate bloggers that add a touch of sunshine to your day!

Easier than vesicle transport for sure.

I basically just did this so a lot of these will be the same.  But why mess with a good thing?

Madelynne at Pretty and Whole
Sara at Run Sara Run
Heather at What I Look for in a...
Lindsay at A Runnaroundd Life
Andrea at Morning Running Girl
Esther at Laugh, Learn, Sweat
Bethany at Accidental Intentions 
Suzi at Adventures and also from Mars
Kate at Another Clean Slate
Olive at Olive to Run

So yeah Mr. Rothman, Schekman, and Südhof, you might know more about cellular functions than me... but there's no way you look better in an eyepatch.

Happy Hump Day!

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