Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the government shutdown game

So the government shut down yesterday.  I sorta considered our government to be the "brain stem" of America, in charge of our vital functions... and yesterday, it just stopped working.

Which seems a bit, I don't know, really freaking alarming.  I won't even pretend that I could do a better job than Congress, but I also won't pretend that I'm not a little peeved.  And not just because my dad (the primary source of my family's income) is a government employee; because of this shutdown, the National Zoo's panda cam has officially gone dark.

So yeah, shiz is getting real.

To take your mind off of our dysfunctional metaphorical brain stem, I'm going to lighten things up with a government shutdown game. I'm pulling a page out of Highlights magazine to give you my version of:

I've been in Chicago for six months now and I can't believe how fast the time has flown by; it seems like only yesterday that I stepped off that mid-February flight in only my Florida Tech hoodie and thought, "So, it really is cold here."

A few winter coat purchases later, a lot has changed... starting with home sweet home.  So the name of the game is to see how many differences you can spot between my apartment pictures from March and those from yesterday.

Let's see how you do:

That's a lot to process so take a second before you look at the answers.

1. The master of WalMart steaks, cast iron skillets, and frozen stir-fry, who also functions as my wonderful boyfriend
2. A Craigslist bookshelf that doubles as official "place for the crap"
3. New baby seals for a new marathon season
4. My little old lady grocery caddy, a gift from from Derrick
5. A coffee table rescued from the curb and the essential "everything other than coffee" coffee table junk

If you didn't do so well, that's okay... because I have another:

Maybe not as easy this time?

1. Some lovely feet attached to an even lovelier man
2. Princess Derrick's shoe collection
3. A Craigslist table, set off with a WalMart bouquet (not quite Pinterest worthy, but we're trying)
4. Derrick's dresser
5. The window A/C unit that I consider the ultimate mark of my adulthood... because ain't no kid gonna be hauling that across two city blocks and up three flights of stairs

It's pretty amazing what six months can do.

And just in case our government doesn't get its priorities in order and that panda cam back up soon, I'm throwing in one more.

Just kidding.  Sorry, Derrick, you're still looking at this:

Happy Hump Day!

PS - Today is the last day you can enter to win a pair of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Earrings by Simply Sacha.  Just because you don't support the boobs in Congress doesn't mean you should neglect all the boobies out there!

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