Saturday, November 16, 2013

10 Ways You Know You’re Part of Generation Y

Sometimes, you can’t help being a victim of stereotypes.  And most of the time, I don’t mind: I am from Maryland and yes, crab cakes and football is what we do.  I'm also a girl and yes, you can win me over with chocolate and a bottle of wine.

If you actually are “that person,” what’s the point of denying it?

But what I DO mind is being a victim of vague and somewhat confusing stereotypes, such as being considered part of Generation Y.  First of all, what’s with the Y?  I get that we come after Generation X, but what was wrong with the first 23 letters?

And secondly, if you’re going to throw around illogical stereotypes, at least have some specific standards (like state lines or X chromosomes).  According to Wikipedia, the time-frame for Generation Y is infuriatingly fuzzy.

So I’m going to be proactive here and help clear up exactly how you know you’re part of Generation YZX.3 Red (Brazil), or whatever it is they’re calling us.  Because if I’m going to be part of a stereotype, it better at least have some fine lines and a lot of Old Bay.

1. When a good song comes on the radio, your natural reaction is to click the “thumbs up” button so that your car knows to play more songs like that.

2. You say, “I Googled the directions” without realizing that your sentence doesn’t include a real verb.

3. Your friend’s threat to tag you in that picture from last night is a legitimate concern.  Gotta keep up appearances and your “five-drinks-in face” on your wall isn’t gonna to do it.

4. Word verification makes top ten on your list of biggest pet peeves.

5. You download iPhone apps to supplement your iPhone apps (Picture Grid, anyone?).

6. You double tap your breakfast at Denny’s because that’s your first impulse when you see a particularly pleasing waffle on your Instagram feed.

7. You can’t finish a book because you begin losing interest after 140 characters.

8. You hashtag your wedding.

9. You’re enraged when a Vevo YouTube video doesn’t immediately let you skip an ad.  Ain’t no one got time for 15 extra seconds of Voltswagon commercials.

10. You feel personally familiar with the Grumpy Cat.

This list still leaves a few details for Wikipedia to hammer out but at least now we can somewhat identify ourselves, at very least, by our familiarity with this:

Wishing you a sunshine-y Saturday full of smiles!

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