Monday, November 4, 2013

Blog Reader Appreciation Series: Part 3

I'm doing this again.  I really hope it's not getting old because it would be a real bummer to get old before I ever got cool.

Now that I'm on my third one, I guess this is more of a "series" than a "day".  Plus, if I call it a series, it makes it sound sort of like Seinfeld... and Seinfeld will never, ever get old.

So get yourself a cup of tea (or a Bloody Mary) and settle in because I've got something for you no matter why you're here.
You actually might not be as done with number one as you thought you were.

To Flatten A Heroine: Artist Puts Disney Princess Filter On 10 Real Life Female Role Models

You missed the part where I said I wasn't one.  And according to the internet, I still don't know if that's happening any time soon.

Kids Who Clearly Should have been an Only Child

No need to go back; I've got all the advice you need right here.

How do you decide who to marry? (Written by kids)

... I guess kids are good for something.

Um yeah, I guess my blog title is a little misleading.  But I'm not the only one:

26 Slogans That Frankly Make More Sense Than the Real Ones

I've taught you well.

If I've learned anything in my 23 years of life, it's to remember the 3 S's of fall: sports, scarves, and soups. I've got the football and fashion down, so now to the soups:

1. Spicy Sausage, Potato & Kale Soup via The Candid Appetite
2. Creamless Cream of Tomato Soup with Pasta via Jeanette's Healthy Living
3. Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup via The Novice Chef

That's not on this list but hey, whatever works for you.

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

Maybe society is just setting your standards too high.

See Why We Have An Absolutely Ridiculous Standard Of Beauty In Just 37 Seconds

And if that didn't work:

You're welcome, I guess.

Well get off the internet and go get yourself a woman!

The 11 Differences Between Dating A Girl And A Woman

This weekend was filled with adulthood milestones.

I had a long, long week.  Like, if I was a middle-aged guy in a romantic comedy, I'd be the one on Friday night throwing down my briefcase, loosening my tie, and asking for some scotch.  On the rocks.  And that's sort of what I did... only without the briefcase, tie, or scotch.

But I did want a drink.  Not the "something strong enough that I can dance on the bar and forget about it tomorrow" kind though... just a nice, relaxing cocktail to help me linger over dinner and just chill out.  So that makes me an adult, right?  Either that or a 52 year old alcoholic.

Either way, we spent Saturday evening at one of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, Taco Joint, and I got my drink.

Maybe I should deduct a few adult points for my drink of choice being a Chili Mango Margarita... but the minor point loss was worth it.  You'd have to have a pretty devastating week for it to stand a chance against this beauty.

And after you add in some tacos and guac...

... no amount of hair-graying, pre-mature aging weekday stress stands a chance.  Thank God for Chicago restaurants.

And while we're at it, just thank God for Chicago.  I don't know if I mentioned it, but I love this city.

This Sunday's brunch was extra special because there was a legitimate reason for celebratory Bloody Mary's and banana pecan pancakes: Derrick is finally a full-time employee in the Windy City.  Since he moved here a couple of months ago, he had been keeping afloat with part time work and some coaching here and there, but nothing to make a career of.

Now, we will soon officially be a two income household and may even one day get an apartment with a bedroom.

Overall, a big weekend in this Chicago shoe box: Derrick's making strides in his career and I'm drinking cocktails.  Cheers to adulthood!

Happy Monday!  Make it a good one.

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