Friday, November 8, 2013

the four people you need in your life

Blog world is a lot like middle school.

It's like this: when you're looking in from the outside, you think you know what's going on.  Like in fifth grade, you look at sixth graders and think, "Not so much different.  Same as what I'm doing, just taller." Right?

Wrong.  Blog world, like middle school, is a labyrinth of unspoken rules and mysterious trends.  In fact, I've probably already lost five points without even knowing it for using the word labyrinth.  But then I'll probably get 15 points back for this:

And just like in middle school, I seem to be totally oblivious to what's "cool."  (Like magnetic fake cartilage earrings... who knew that one wouldn't catch on?)  To me, one of the more bewildering trends in blogging world is the popular "Friday Five" posts.  I just don't really get it.

Why Friday and why five?  I mean, I get alliteration.  Love it, really.  But why not Thursday Three?  Tuesday two?  Wednesday Weventeen? (Wah-Wah.)  But seriously, like gel pens and sparkly jeans: who decided on this?

So for the sake of doing something mildly rebellious with no real threat of consequences, this Friday I'm thinking outside of the box with

Everyone needs that person to whom you can immediately start in on a story about your annoying co-worker Janice without having to explain who Janice is and why her smelly tuna fish lunches are the worst.  For me, this person is Derrick. This person doesn't necessarily need to be your significant other though; a best friend, mom, or even your mailman is just as good so long as he or she knows (without introduction) all about the Janice's in your life.

You know when you're enraged about that thing that guy did and just want to kick a puppy every time you think about it?  Everyone needs that person who will, without question, join you in your outrage, no matter how warranted or unwarranted it may be.  To me, this person is Steph; I can text her without preamble about any injustice of my life and she's right there with  me, about to boot a poodle.

(Totally kidding about the puppy part.  I love dogs.)

Sometimes you need love and sometimes you need tough love.  This person is one of the hardest people to find; I know that I don't envy the person who has to tell me that I'm wrong.  But sometimes you need someone to give it to you straight, whether it be to point out that you're being too judgmental about a situation or just that you have broccoli in your teeth.  To me, this is Erika; she's been knocking me back to reality since 2004.

Hopefully, you know exactly the person I'm talking about here.  For me, it is my mom... but it can be anyone, even your dog.  The important thing is knowing that he or she will love you no matter how badly you mess up. Even if you do end up kicking a puppy and serving three years for animal cruelty, this person will be there waiting to pick you up when you get out. It's hard to say that this person is the most important person to have, but it's close; there's little that's more comforting than knowing that no matter what, someone's got your back.


So that's that.  I probably should have done something a little more "bloggy" like four fabulous fall accessories or something.  I'll save that for another day, though; I'm still waiting on those magnetic earrings to take off.

Happy Friday!  Go give a puppy a hug.

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  1. I'm missing a few of these people in my life right now... I need to fill in those spots...