Wednesday, November 27, 2013

things people don’t say when flying home for the holidays

By the time a lot of you read this, I'll be (hopefully) on a plane that (hopefully) hasn't been delayed 3 hours.  I went through that last year which was enough fun for the next 459 years or so.

So yes, I'm either en route to Baltimore or in a holding cell for assaulting TSA.  Regardless, what better way to kick off the most stressful travel day of the year than blogging about it?

Oh good, made it to the airport early.

This line is just flying by.

I’m really glad I wore 5 bangle bracelets, my studded belt, and pure gold pendant necklace today.

That lady in front of me wearing the thigh-high, lace-up boots really zipped through security.

So glad I remembered to bring this bottle of water!

Good thing they confiscated my pocket knife.  That is much more of a threat than this water bottle they let me keep.

Wow, that TSA agent was so friendly!

That X-Ray machine was fun.  I don’t feel violated at all.

My hands feel so clean after using that bathroom.

Coffee at that price?  What a steal.

This sandwich I just bought is so fresh.

Oh look, my flight’s early!

Good thing that lady thought to pack her dog in her carry-on.  It’s so well behaved!

Boarding already? And they didn't even change our gate!

Look how well my carry-on fits into the overhead compartment.

Oh, what a sweet baby sitting next to me.

I can totally hear what the pilot just said over the intercom.

Taking off right on schedule!

I’m just so comfortable, I never want to land.

Good thing I don’t have to pee!  It would be really annoying to climb over that woman in the aisle seat… again.

Look how peaceful that baby looks while she sleeps.

I don’t feel tired at all.  Definitely no naps on this flight.

I just woke up and my neck feels great.

So much arm room!

So much leg room!

Landing ahead of schedule?  How convenient.

It’s amazing how efficiently everyone is de-boarding the plane.

Look, my suitcase is the first one around the carousel!

Look, my suitcase isn’t the very last one around the carousel!

Man, it really sucks to be home.

Have an extra special Hump Day today! 
Go easy on those crying babies... tomorrow's Thanksgiving.

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