Monday, December 16, 2013

Blog Reader Appreciation Series Part 9: Blog Writer Edition

One thing I love about blogging is commenting.  I obviously love to write but if that was my only motivation, I'd keep a journal.  The reason I blog is because when I write here, people write back.  (And if Harry Potter has taught me anything, it's that the only journals that do that will eventually take over your mind and try to kill you.)

Which is why I started this "Blog Reader Appreciation" series.  It's a thank you to all of you readers and commenters who show up and show some love, without trying to take over my mind and kill me.

But another huge reason why I love blogging is reading other blogs.  It's kind of awesome to be updated daily by the hundreds of other blog writers out there: writers who make me laugh, writers who make me think, writers who help me write better, writers who understand my addiction to running... there's a writer out there for everything.

So this post is going to be a little different; today I'm going to appreciate some of my favorite blog writers out there on the interwebs by sharing some of my favorite recent posts.

This is absolutely nowhere near a complete list but let's just call it a cliffhanger so you'll be pumped for the next time I do this.  So grab a cup of tea and get ready to be impressed.

For example, when I'm on the bus and I really want to be the girl sitting alone, snorting at her phone... I just turn to the Daily Tay.  Her latest posts, the Most Fascinating People of 2013, get the job done.

I could watch ESPN, but that wouldn't be nearly as funny.  Plus, there's no way their design will look as good as Sarah's at Venus Trapped in Mars.

If you're ever wondering what "linking up with Sarah" at the end of my posts means, just read her post about Football Christmas Cards... and you'll understand why.

...which, despite the past 9 months of living here, is all the time.  When I want to know how to really live in this wonderful city, Stephanie at Not Entirely Perfect is the woman.

She knows all about the coolest bar scenes and makes you feel not so bad when you've got 5 scarves wrapped turban-style around your head.

This unfortunately happens way too often.  Luckily I've stumbled across these food rockstars who know the best of both worlds.

#1. PB&J Graham Cracker Thumbprints via Minimalist Baker
#2. Holiday Soup via Kath Eats Real Foods
#3. Peanut Butter Cookies with Fresh Cranberries via The Lean Green Bean

Sometimes reading Madelynne's blog, Pretty and Whole, makes me feel bad that my life isn't as cute.  But then I forget about it when I see another delicious plate of cookies, cupcakes, or holiday treats she's made.

Plus, she likes to talk about running just as much as I do.  What's not to love?

You know, when my brain feels like a mush of mindless junk.  I started reading Cori's blog, Olive to Run, because... well, it had the word "run" in it.  But I stuck around because she's part of the minority of blog writers who consistently make me really think.

You can start out with one of her latest posts about why she writes but if you're anything like me, you won't stop there.

Not that a lot of people don't write about real life but I've never read a blog more genuine than Kym's Travel Babbles.  It's one of the sites you finish reading and think, "That sounds exactly like me."

Her blog isn't like Pinterest, where you leave feeling like you simultaneously need to start cleaning, baking, crafting, and exercising immediately.  You leave feeling better, not worse.

That's when I come here, because I'm the only one who really wants to see how many ways I can pose with a Bloody Mary.

It's sort of incredible if you think about it, how I somehow managed to become such a creature of habit less that 9 months after readjusting to a new city completely on my own, then readjusting to living with my significant other in that new city.

I guess all that repetitiveness sort of got to me this weekend.  Maybe I felt like I needed some spice in my life, some spice that I could only find in a high school gym near the west side of Chicago.  I don't know if "spice" is exactly what you'd call it, but an hour long bus ride, a hike through the snow, and a fence hop later... Derrick and I definitely found something there.

Backing up: through a work friend, Derrick somehow managed to finagle his way into an apparently strictly Latino, underground "futsal" league.

(Futsal, I've learned, is evidently what you call it when a bunch of men blast soccer balls around high school gyms oblivious to any surrounding windows, babies, or spectating girlfriends.)

And so that's how I ended up spending my Saturday night as the only non-Spanish speaking person in a gym full of men I don't know doing just that.

Other out of the ordinary events of the weekend included finding an ugly sweater for "Ugly Sweater Day" at my office.  Like Derrick said, why hasn't any store come out with a holiday ugly sweater line yet?  (Or if they have, why haven't I heard of it?)

Because it ended up being a lot harder to find than I expected.  And by a lot harder to find than I expected, I mean I couldn't find one and I ended up with this:

 Looks like I'm going to try to make the "Christmas Zebra" happen this year.

All in all, this weekend (which also included a few moments at our office Christmas party that I wish I could take back) was spicy for sure... I'm just not convinced that it wasn't the kind of spice that has you swearing off Indian food for a while.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm all for mixing it up once in a while, but I also don't think there's anything wrong with getting into a pattern.  Maybe the reason you keep doing the same things is because, well, you like those things.

Because really, what's there not to like about this view?

Happy 8 days til Christmas!
I'm sure that shopping deadline doesn't faze you at all.

Cold December NIght by Michael Bublé on Grooveshark

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