Saturday, January 4, 2014

Got a New 'Do

This post is pretty unnecessary really, but I thought that I should apologize for or at least acknowledge that I've redone my blog design again.  According to Derrick, I am changing it way too often which might upset the delicate balance of blog world or something like that.

But just like when you get a new haircut and you spend the next three weeks confirming that yes, you did indeed get a new haircut... I am confirming that yes, indeed it does look different here.

Like I said, unnecessary.

I'd like to be polite and stay to chat but it's a sweltering 30 degrees outside and I'm heading out for a run.  (I need to capitalize when I can.)

I'll leave you with this: where I will be pretending I am for the next hour.

Happy Weekend!

I'm not totally finished with the new design but I hope you like it so far.  And if you don't, just close your eyes.  It might feel like nothing's changed at all.

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