Saturday, January 18, 2014

Three Pretty Blondes

If you're the kind of person with a keen eye for detail, you probably noticed that I've had a few more people on my sidebar lately.  And if you haven't noticed, why don't you stop reading right now and take a look.

Don't worry, you didn't overdo it on the NyQuil last night; you're not seeing double.  (Or quadruple, I guess.) There are actually four more blondes over there.

So without further ado, I want to introduce you to a few of my favorite ladies of blog town.  Because besides just making my sidebar a whole lot prettier, they're pretty interesting people to know.

Travel Babbles

You know how you leave Pinterest feeling like you're a complete failure at home decorating, make-up, fashion, and cooking... all at once?  Kym is the complete opposite of that.  When you read her blog, you feel like you've just talked to your best friend.  Sometimes she's sweet and sometimes she's sassy, but she's always 100% genuine.

Kym's Favorite Things

Brutus (her dog)                                 TJ (her husband)                                  buffalo chicken

Two Lies and a Truth About Kym
1. She can run five miles without stopping.
2. She considered majoring in math in college.
3. She met her husband through Facebook.

Want to know the answers?  Head over to Kym's blog, Travel Babbles, to ask her yourself.

Not Entirely Perfect

Stephanie's blog is a daily read for me personally because she's the ultimate Chicagoan that I wish I was. She's also one of the few people who somehow come up with something interesting every single day.  I think she must have magic in that mysterious planner of hers.

Stephanie's Favorite Things

her dog                                      her stuffed bear                                   Taco Bell nachos

Two Lies and a Truth About Stephanie
1. She's only ever broken one bone.
2. She once made 1000 jello shots.
3. She has 3 tattoos.

Head over to Stephanie's blog, Not Entirely Perfect, to find out which one is true.

Helene in Between

I don't know if anyone made it official, but I think Helene might be the Queen of the Internet.  Everyone seems to know her, even random people she meets at music festivals.  I guess that's what happens if you're equal parts funny, hardcore, and sweet though.  Except when you mispronounce her name; then you're on your own.

Helene's Favorite Things

Gamey                                                   Diet Coke                                             Hugo

Two Lies and a Truth About Helene
1. She has met Britney Spears.
2. She has never eaten asparagus.
3. She is afraid to go to the bathroom in the dark.

Want to know her secret?  Check out her blog, Helene In Between, and ask her yourself.

And there you have it, who I've been having tea with this month.  They're pretty swell but don't let me convince you; check out their blogs and see for yourself.

Happy Saturday!  Remember, no pants until noon.

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