Thursday, February 27, 2014

10 Awesome Things About Having a Sister

If you're a runner, you understand that the bond you have with your running friends is just, well, different.  It's not that you don't have special, unique, soul-enriching, fairy-fart relationships with non-runners; it's just that you can't stand watch as someone else pees in the bushes and not form a uniquely special bond.  Just the fact that only runners truly understand the genuine love/hate relationship we all have with our sport unites us all on some level.

The same thing can be said with sisters.  You can call your sorority sisters or teammates "family" all you want but if you have siblings, you know that no relationship really compares.

There are not many people for whom I know I would, under any circumstance, take a bullet without thinking.  Actually, there might only be one: my younger sister.  The thing is that right after I took that bullet, my next sentence might be, "Hey, you're wearing my shirt."

Because the thing with sisters is that you can absolutely want to kick her in the shins one minute, but God knows if anyone else so much as hints at injuring her shins, the devil himself runs and hides.  In fact, it's a lot like the love/hate relationship you have with running, only replace "hate" with "why the eff don't you just buy your own damn clothes?!?"

It's something only sisters will understand.  But if you get it, you get it:

1.  As mentioned, every Fall/Winter/Spring Break at home means that your wardrobe instantly doubles.

2. One meaningful look across the room at a family event says more than any numbers of words ever could.

3. It's so much easier and rewarding talking about how typically infuriating your brother can be with someone who just gets it.

4. If you ask, you get the completely blunt, honest truth.  If it looks like you stole your New Years outfit from someone named Candi, that's exactly what you're going to hear.

5. Shopping with friends is fun but shopping with your sister is a well-executed mission with defined goals and a calculated strategy.  Only a pair of sisters truly knows how to conquer Victoria's Secret on Black Friday.  No mandatory "let's catch up" coffee required.

6. She's helped you perfect the skill of bartering since the first year you could both Trick-or-Treat.

7. There's at least one person who will never, ever ignore your middle-of-the-night phone call.

8. You both fill the role of a completely judgment-free designated driver, even if it sometimes is a bit grudgingly.

9. You never have to think twice if your jokes are too offensive, that gossip will come back to bite you, or if what you're saying is just entirely too weird.  It's not possible with her.

10.  For as long as you both live, you have an unconditional, guaranteed best friend without even trying.

Happy Thursday!
Don't mind me as I get all sappy over here, missing my little minion.

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  1. I'm 7 years older than my sisters (they're twins) so our relationship is different- we can't necessarily share clothes since they are 19 year old twigs. But definitely get the looks across the room! Man this makes me miss them.

  2. This is really sweet and kind of makes me wish my sister was born closer to me in age. Six years means a lot of the above isn't happening. You're lucky to have such a great relationship!

  3. I hope my girls are like this. I only have brothers, but I imagine a sister's bond to be lovely.

  4. Okay I'm really rmotional right now so don't judge me (or do your call) but reading this made me tear up and wish I could have a sister. Although I do have two brothers so I share some of the perks listed it isn't the same bond as with a sister. My parents robbed me!

  5. Emotional...see I can't even type through my tears. Kidding.