Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Last weekend, I went through a two hour period of seriously considering deleting my blog.

If you're rereading that sentence in stunned confusion, like I told you I had spent the afternoon thinking of chopping off my left hand, you're not alone; that's how Derrick looked at me when I told him.

If you didn't reread that sentence and skimmed the next one hoping that I was about to spill some juicy story that made me want to cut off my hand (I mean, delete my blog), I apologize; my weekend was pleasantly routine and drama free.  God did not reach down and poke me on the forehead; the CIA did not burst through the window demanding I stop my subtle snarkery that's often at the government's expense.

The seed of the idea actually came about midway through my run, right as Macklemore's "My Oh My" came on Pandora.  The mixture of the sun, the feeling of strength in my legs as they worked to keep my pace, and the sound of Macklemore's intensity got me real jazzed.  You know, imagining myself crossing the finish line at Boston in record time right before the crowds carried me away in a cloud of confetti.

It's those moments that make all of the frustration, misery, and missing toenails of running worth it.  Those rare moments of passion are what make running so addicting and are what get me out there even when the windchill says, "Go home."

When I got home, before the endorphins wore off, I thought about deleting my blog.  The feeling of that passion was still fresh enough to remind me that there are more important things in life than pageviews or Twitter followers.  Much, much more important things.

There's family, whom I miss so much it hurts my heart.  There's Derrick, who makes my heart feel better.  There are places where I want to travel and not blog about, food I want to try and not Instagram, a life that is too important for the internet.

There's passion.

Obviously, I didn't go through with deleting my blog.  After a few hours, the endorphin high went away and along with it my uncharacteristic Buddha-like sap.  But I also decided against it because blogging is also one of my passions.  Specifically, having a space to write, something that I enjoy more than almost anything.  More even than bacon.

So again, I'm going to apologize because you got all the way down here only to realize that absolutely nothing is changing around here.  I'm still going to spread my sass around nice and thick, make a few jokes, and not say sorry.  But maybe this moment of inspiration will remind me every once in a while to get off Twitter, put down my iPhone, and just look out the window.  Because there's a lot of stuff out there that's better left undocumented, even if you do have a fancy, DSLR blogger camera.

And now excuse me while I take off my tie-dye loincloth and wash off all that sentimental hippie I've got on me.

Want more tea? Have a second cup!
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  1. I think I've felt kinda of the same way maybe a year ago. But I'm obviously glad you didn't. It does take time but so does everything that matters.