Friday, March 21, 2014

25 Things that Excite an Excitable Young Adult

Last week, my younger sister sent me that picture you see above.  No introduction, no explanation; just that picture.

But I guess there really wasn't much need for an explanation. Clearly, I was just really, really happy to be holding that pup.  Overjoyed, one might say.  Fanatical, others might argue.

That puppy was my first pet, a black lab named Pepper. You see, my parents are the traditional types who believe all children should grow up with a dog. Unfortunately, Pepper really grew up.  I mean, grew up to be about four times the size of my brother, Nathan (next to me, not nearly as excited). Pepper also developed this annoying habit of pushing the much more insignificant Nathan down stairs whenever my parents turned around.

You see that crazed look in my elementary school eyes? That expression defines Pepper’s personality. I.e., she was a nut.

My parents had three kids to take care of (me, clearly a handful on my own, my brother, and a brand new little baby girl) and frankly, just didn't have time for large animals pushing their children down stairs. One step forward, two steps back kind of thing.

So they ended up giving Pepper to a nice lady with a big yard.  (Or that's the story I was told.)  They told my brother and me one afternoon, after the deed was already done. (My sister was much too interested in eating and subsequently pooping out pony beads to be bothered by these dramatics, so she was left out of the conversation.)

I was devastated for at least 15 hours.  And then they got me a new Skip-It, and all was right in the world again.

Long story short, what I’m trying to say is this: I’m not the type to get emotional about animals. My parents later got a smaller dog, Jazz (a Cockapoo), and I really like her. But as much as I like her, she also barks at the wall a lot and poops in places that I don’t want poop. Basically, I know this is blog suicide, but I’m just never going to be the type of person who would die for my “fur baby.” A human baby, probably.  Likely, even.  An animal, not so much.

But you would never be able to tell that from this picture, because the look in my eyes as I hold that pup says, “I could not be any more excited or else I would physically explode from the emotion.” Which leads me to the point of this post: as much as I try to play it cool, it's always been very easy to excite me. And it’s a trait that I never grew out of; even as an adult, the most everyday situations can still put that crazed sparkle in my eye.

This list is one that I quickly realized had the potential to go on for days.  But most of us have jobs, and the rest of us have Netflix, so I'm going to cut it to 25.

1.  The clearance aisle at Walmart
2.  The clearance aisle at Target
3.  Anything clearance at all  (I mean, does anyone really ever get tired of conversation hearts?)
4.  Having someone cancel Friday night plans
5.  When office meetings include lunch
6.  An opportunity in general to eat free food
7.  Someone reminding you that Chipotle exists
8.  Getting something in the mail that doesn't require some sort of payment
9.  When Pandora lets you skip an ad
10. Every instance of social media recognition
11.  When it's finally dinner time
12.  When anything costs less than $5.00
13.  When you unexpectedly realize that the restaurant you're at serves free bread
14.  Any time you're eating tacos
15.  When you stumble across a place that actually accepts American Express
16.  Waking up at 3 AM and realizing that there is still time
17.  The opportunity to take NyQuil
18.  The opportunity to incorporate bacon
19.  Your parents offering to buy your groceries
20.  The moments when it's necessary to write in ballpoint pens
21.  Highlighting things in general
22.  Whenever one of the Harry Potter movies comes on ABC Family
23.  After realizing that you don't pay for ABC Family, the moment you realize that Shark Tank is on ABC
24.  Receiving a tax return
25.  The moments after you go out on a limb and sing the next lyrics of a song, and realizing you nailed it
26.  Being so excited that you don't even realize that you're going above and beyond the call of duty, like putting 26 items on a list that only called for 25

And that's a wrap!
Take it away, Weekend.
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  1. I agree with you on the dog thing. We are a rare breed. And who doesn't love any and all clearance? Like moth to a flame.