Monday, March 31, 2014

Blog Reader Appreciation Part 23:
The Peasantry

Every once in a while, you go through periods when you just don't have it in you to be lighthearted.  You can have every ounce of perspective force-fed down your throat but it won't be enough.

My grandpa has told me over and over through my life to just enjoy every emotion you have, happiness, sadness, frustration, confusion, anger, because you'll never be in this moment and feel this exact emotion again.  I still haven't totally figured out how to enjoy the rage that comes with public transport, but that's really neither here nor there I guess.

What I'm saying is I'm just going to go with flow right now and not try to force some bubbles where I have none.  I'm just going to feel the way I'm feeling now.

But that doesn't mean you all have to dim the lights and mope around by candlelight.  It just means that this week, I'm going to let these links do all the heavy lifting.  I may not be a little cloud of rainbow glitter, raining down smiles and giggles, but I guarantee at least one of these links will make you smile.

So no matter why you think you just can't smile, don't worry; I've got something here for you.

12 Things Ex-Athletes Have To Learn

40 Surprising Animal Facts That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile (And Laugh!)

But at least you'll always have Google.

Mom Texts Son About Google Logo. His Response Is Perfect.

I get it; frozen dog poop and all grey everything can get you down.  But the good news is that you can bring color into your life all by yourself.

#1. Lucky Charms Blizzard via Sweet Treats and More
#2. Lucky Rainbow Chex Mix via Table Spoon
#3. Rainbow Truffles via the Domestic Rebel

But then again, at least it's not bowel rice.

30 Menu Fails That Will Ruin Food Forever

You were probably just reading the wrong children's books.

16 Classic Children’s Books Retold For Adults

That's when you throw your daily routine a curveball, and impulsively buy a pair of complete unnecessary glasses.

I went into Express looking for some "maybe if I buy some spring clothes it'll be spring" work clothes, and walked out with these.  I tried to justify the impulse buy by rereading the sticker that said "Complete UV protection" stuck on them (no more UV in these pupils!) but let's be real... I just liked how they look.

Specifically, I felt like I was a completely different person when I put them on.  The type of girl who moseys around bookstores and then stops by coffee shops on the way home to listen to a poetry reading with a cup of chai.

So I put them on and proceeded to do exactly what I do every other weekend, only with a little extra alter-ego flair.  What does that mean?  Well, we went to the Peasantry and instead of hanging out with boring Bloody Mary, I picked her sassy sister, Bloody Maria.

And what goes better with a Bloody Mary made with tequila than cheesy grits?

It would have been such a solid brunching experience if I had not made the one fatal flaw of ordering a side of fruit salad.  Not even the glasses could shield the gut-wrenching regret that is spending $7.00 on what was essentially 3/4 of a sliced apple.

For that reason, Derrick won this brunch.  He made two solid decisions with the "elvis banana bread french toast" (banana bread, banana cream, chocolate ganache & peanut brittle) and house frits (roasted fingerling potatoes & chopped herbs), with no frivolous produce purchases to speak of.

But I'm not complaining about his victory, because when defeat looks like this...

... who wants to win?

Monday, where did you come from?
Please, just be nice.  I need to get my bubbly back stat.

Want more tea? Have a second cup!
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  1. You are so adorable in your little glasses and infinity scarf. And I have a feeling you're even more funny after a Bloody Mary (or two). Take me to brunch with you!