Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Name Necklace

Disclaimer: I have been compensated with a really awesome, classy, free necklace in exchange for my honest review.  I love free stuff but it takes more than that to buy my affection.  In other words, all opinions here are the untainted truth.

There are some trends that I just can't get into. Like UGGs. I mean, marshmallow feet don't do much for the Michelin man; what makes you think it'll do any more for you?

But one style that I am totally on board with is personalized stuff. And I mean personalized anything: mittens, hats, jewelry, tee-shirts. I might even turn a blind eye to an UGG if it was personalized.

You're probably thinking it has something to do with the social clout that goes along with personalized stuff. I mean, people respect you if you’re holding beer koozie with your name on it; they automatically assume you've got the personalized yacht that comes with it. (Or is that just me?)

Or maybe you're thinking I'm so vain that I believe everything looks better if it's branded with my initials. 

Well, the answer is neither. The reason I truly love personalized stuff is simply because no one steals something that's personalized

I mean, Susan McStickyHanderson isn't going to want a shirt with "NLC" on the front.  And how often do you run across someone with the exact same initials as you? So unless you're dealing with an extremely lucky (or unfortunately illiterate) thief, chances are that something personalized is something that won't be stolen.

Maybe you're rolling your eyes right now thinking, "Why is she so worried about people stealing her stuff? It’s not like she’s even got special stuff."  And an earlier, more innocent me would have agreed with you. That's certainly what I thought one day in college when I left a washing machine full of clean track gear sitting in the laundry room. Because who is going to steal someone else's sports bras? That violates every law of decency in the books.

But it happened. Yes, I was victim of a laundry thief and the casualty was 90% of my track gear. I spent most of my sophomore year track season either wearing my roommate's old sports bras or extremely smelly. It wasn't pretty and I've been scarred since.

The point I'm making here is that personalized stuff rules, which is why I am all about the necklaces from

Their jewelry is classy but also casual enough that you can really wear it anywhere.  I've worn my necklace to work but it's also great for a relaxed afternoon hanging out in front of really old doors.

When Danielle from My Name Necklace contacted me and asked me to write a review in exchange for a free necklace, I didn't even hesitate.  And that was before I actually checked out the site and saw that not only were their products theft-proof, but also pretty cute.

You know that I would never tell you what to do, but I guess in this case I sort of am: if you’re on the market for a necklace for yourself or a friend, put on your short list.  Even if you don’t have a job or like hanging around old doors with a cheesy smile, you can still find a place to wear a personalize necklace: dates, concerts, eating, blogging, party planning, pet grooming… the list is literally endless.

And the best part?  You are almost guaranteed that no one will try to steal it from you.

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