Friday, April 4, 2014

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

It's a well known fact that if you don't post for a while, the absolute worst thing you can do is apologize for it.  I'm not sure why this pushes so many bloggers' buttons, but it does; bloggers react to the phrase "sorry I haven't posted in a while" the same way they'd react to "sorry I dropped your baby in a pot of fondue."

I'm not going to apologize for not posting yesterday, but not because I like blogging etiquette.  (Although I do actually love blogging etiquette and do my best to follow all the rules.  Did you notice this post had a pinnable picture?  And look, chevron.)

I'm not going to apologize because actually, I did you a favor.  I know it didn't seem like that as you wiped away your tears with you Croissantwhich yesterday morning but I did.  I mean, think about it: how much more do you love something after you haven't had it for a while?  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, as a man who writes fortune cookies once said.

Don't believe me?  I can give you at least ten examples, right here, right now, of things that you really don't appreciate until you don't have them.

10 Things You Don't Miss 'Til They're Gone
  1. Free wifi.  After Boingo makes trying to connect to Facebook the most. infuriating. thing. ever, suddenly knowing what your boyfriend's cousin Jimbo had for lunch seems imperative.
  2. Summer.  Need I say more?
  3. A belt.  You never realize how underrated one is until you’ve been accused of a plumber’s crack.
  4. A quiet bedroom.  I personally didn’t realize how luxurious one is until I spent a month sleeping with headphones.
  5. A bathroom.  You don’t give them much thought until you’re three iced teas into a long road trip.
  6. Family dinners.  Remember when your teenage self got moody because your mom forced you to eat some homemade lasagna before you went out?  Youth is truly wasted on the young.  And so is lasagna.
  7. Toilet paper.  Like bathrooms, only gravely more inconvenient.
  8. College dining halls.  We had an endless supply of pizza, Golden Grahams, and frozen yogurt.  And we complained about it.
  9. A metabolism.  It makes #8 that much more enjoyable.
  10. Your family.  You’ll never miss your parents as much as when it costs $400 to see them.

And with #10, I apologize for this short post, but I'm off to enjoy mine.

Scratch that; I don't apologize.  But I do have this weird craving for fondue.

I mean..................

Enjoy it while you've got it.
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  1. Have fun at home with your parents and enjoy the great weather while you are there... possibly you could bring some back to Chicago when you go back... lol

    Actually mail me some,,,, haha..

    This is a new layout for you... I thought I was on the wrong blog... lol... then I saw your pretty face and knew I was in the right place.

    Have an enjoyable vacation... don't think of that long winter you survived.:)

  2. Hey! Disqus is gone! Hurray! I've never been a big fan of Disqus! You forgot one.. and it's a big one.. POWER. I am always sooo sooo sooooo sad when the power goes out for longer than an hour...! That's the one thing I hate about having a Kindle.. you need power to read it, if it's dead. So if my Kindle died and the power went out I wouldn't even be able to read! To read! How sad.

    Nice new design! Change is always good!