Saturday, April 12, 2014

April Sponsor Spotlight

For some reason, it seems like all of the amazing bloggers flock to my sidebar.  I don't know why; I'm guessing it's because I have a cute dog.

Today, I'd like to introduce you all to Bri who writes over at Deliciously Active.  Bri talks a lot about being fit while raising a family, but also just adds enough personality that makes you want to go on a long run with her.

So with that, I'll let Bri take it away with a little Q+A.

1.  You're obviously very passionate about food and fitness.  How and when did that start?
I think my passion for fitness came about from my dad – he’s a huge fitness buff. He has used to play basketball, golf, and volleyball but has always been a distance runner. He taught me by example to always stay active.

I have always been a huge lover of food. I joke that one of my favorite hobbies is eating. It’s sad that people tell me directions based upon restaurants near the destination. “You know where Chipotle is? Okay, take a right at that corner…” It’s kind of sad.

2.  You manage to stay active and healthy while raising a family.  Any tips?
You know, I want to show that staying active is easier than you may think. You really just need to be determined to do so. I wake up every morning between 4:45 and 5 a.m. to get my workout in before my family wakes up. I switch up my workouts often (because I get bored easily), but running is a constant. I think the key is to find something you truly enjoy doing, that way you won’t dread it or make excuses to skip it.

3.  You're going to cook something special for your husband.  What's your go-to dish?
Girl, I have no idea. My husband likes just about everything I cook. That either means I am one damn good cook or he likes to eat as much as me; I’m thinking a little bit of both. Meals he always requests are my chicken cacciatore, cinnamon pull apart bread, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies – which he calls “vegetable cookies”.

4.  You said you like to travel.  What's your favorite place you've ever visited?
My favorite trip of all was probably Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. I lived there for 2 months for work and really enjoyed the culture, the people, and the food! I would consider living there but this Florida girl don’t do cold weather (and Rosario gets cold!).

5.  Finally, what do you think is your biggest challenge in maintaining a balanced, healthy life, and how do you work to overcome it?
I think my biggest challenge is that I do not naturally enjoy working out; I do it because I like how I feel after. I do it because I want to be healthy. And let’s be real, I do it because I like to eat. There are days where I have to yell at myself to get out of bed and get my sweat on. Those days I convince myself by setting small goals – sometimes from the beginning of the workout until the end!

So she's fit, motivated, and she makes cinnamon pull apart bread.  What else can you want in a woman?

Go on over to Bri's page and say hi.  Or ask her to send me some cinnamon love.  Whatever.  And while you're at it, take steps to stalk her on all the social media platforms.

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Saturday is upon us.  Make it count.

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