Saturday, April 5, 2014

"My Blog Designs Look Better than my Haircut."
- Jasmine

I had grand plans for Friday, filled with family board games and other Brady Bunch activities.  Unfortunately, my plans were foiled by the government and computer industry.

I'm only half kidding.  I knew that my brother would be at work and my sister would be 16 hours away at school but for some reason, I was thinking that I'd spend some quality time with my parents.  For some reason I didn't factor in that my dad, the primary wage earner of the family who works full time as a computer scientist, and my mom, the accountant who works part-time (which during tax season, means full time and a half), might have other engagements.

So it was just me and ol' Jazzy for the day.  We had a leisurely morning eating breakfast, catching up on some reading, and barking at the pine tree out back.  Once we felt the pine tree was sufficiently barked at though, we got bored.

So Jazz here had this idea: we should redo the blog.  The more she talked, the more excited she got.  (The last time I saw her so excited was when there was a squirrel on the deck.)  So I told her that if she showed me a draft, maybe it would work.

And what would you know, the dog's got skill.  The draft had a little bit of cleaning up to do (she had a hard time with "Dostoyevsk") but other than that, I basically kept it as it was.

So here were are, only a few months after my last redesign, with yet another new 'do.  But don't thank me; thank my pup.

Maybe I'm more of a dog person than I thought I was.

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